Computer Love

Computers, computers, computers. Cell phones, cell phones, cell phones. Lap tops, I-pad and all of our current technology, what would we do or where would we be without them? I would be the first to admit, that I would be lost without the items I just mention . I am ashamed to say that I don't even know my own cell phone number or even my mothers home phone number. Why? Because they are all stored on my cell phone. I don't even have pictures of my children or grandchildren on my wall, because those happen to be on my Face Book page or stored on my lap top. Computers and cell phones you have to love them, but boy don't they have most of us spoiled. So much so that some of us don't even know how to add, subtract or multiply or even spell because most of us have become so dependent of these smart devices.

The question is this a good thing or a bad thing or are these things even good for us? Wouldn't we be better without them?The fact is in more ways than one technology is a good thing and it has helped a lot of people. The medical or scientific advances are tremendous and the way of the future looks bright because of it. But when it comes to love, marriage or relationships, these smart devices has been proven be down right deadly.  Some people have broken up with their boyfriends or girlfriends, while others have left their husbands or wives. Internet affairs are on the rise and so is divorce because of it. A reader sent me a letter asking my advice about  her boyfriend who is having a online affair. Her boyfriend  met a woman online and has been chatting with her for over six months.Since he been chatting with her, they both have fell in love.What's strange about this affair is that they only seen each other online or talked on the phone. Now my reader explains her boyfriend doesn't work, watches T.V., eats and is always on the Internet. Her question to me was Chuck, should I put him out and move on or should I wait it out , then see what happens? My answer to her or to anyone who may read this, cheating is wrong rather its in person or on the net. Yes the internet and technology can be very useful, but computer love for a marriage or relationship it can be down right deadly. Computer Love!! Write in then express your thoughts or view about the subject.
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