Cooking and Cleaning 101

Hey you! Yes you the person that's reading this, are you short on time? Are you so busy that you hardly have the time to cook, clean or even spend those precious moments with your family or kids?Don't you wish you had more time to spend with your children family or even have time for yourself just to settle down? If so I understand! I raised my son by myself  for over 8 years and believe me it wasn't easy. Working a 60 hour a week job, keeping the apartment clean, helping my son with his homework and keeping us both fed was a huge chore. Not only did I have to do almost all the washing or cleaning, but I also had to do all the cooking. Sometimes those things became overwhelming and many times I lost control of my environment. It was so bad at times that I would go into my room and shake my head. My son didn't make things any easier because very shortly after I went into my room, he was knocking saying that he was hungry. After I cooked, then later fed him, a thought popped into my mind and it was that I had to get organized. I had to find a way to keep my apartment clean, my son, then myself fed and to have enough time to spend with myself or family if needed.
 Then I thought back to my past and remembered what my mother did when she raised me. She cooked, cleaned, raised six children, worked 5 days a week and took good care of my father. She was an amazing woman and these days if she were doing the same thing she would be called a Superwoman! What I loved about my mother other than she was a good mother, was that she was so organized and also that she so detailed. She made sure each of us ate, had clean clothing, helped with all of our home work and then she also taught us how the be like her. My mother was an great example on how to be a great parent and that's when a light switch clicked off into my head. I then I said to myself , that I have to be just like my mother. So I prepared meals ahead of time, then cleaned up my home twice a week and then taught my son the basics of cooking or cleaning 101. Teaching my son how to cook and clean not only helped my son , but it also made my life easier. It also made my son, feel important knowing that he was contributing to the household. What I passed on to my son, was also passed on to me from my mother. That's why I am encouraging all parents to teach their children how to cook, clean and how to fend for themselves. Help them understand why is so important to live in a clean and organized environment. Its simple as cooking and cleaning 101!Write in then express your thoughts or opinions on the subject.


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