Fast Or Slow?

Before I get to this weeks subject, I would like to thank my loyal readers and my new readers for your support. I personally would like to thank each of you for bringing me new readers. spreading the word and also for shopping on the links provided on each side of this web page. Without you I couldn't continue to write or to be inspired to help others. I personally like to thank you for your continued support!! For those who don't know what I am about or the real purpose of this blog, let me explain those links such as Amazon, K Mart, Hilton, Kirk lands and others. Well those advertisements that are displayed happen to be my sponsors, every time you make a purchase with them I get paid and every time you follow me or like my post or blogs it helps build support for what I do. With that being said keep reading, please tell others about my blog and please keep on shopping. Its a matter of wanting to buy or purchase something and have them picked up or delivered  Fast Or Slow? Before you read the next paragraph please take this in mind if you move to fast in a relationship chances are you might scare them away or end up doing something you might regret by rushing, but if you also move too slow you might get the same results. That's why there must always a happy medium between the two of you, a pace that you both can enjoy.

 Now back to the subject Fast or Slow? I have determined the reason why most relationships fail or don't get off the ground is because some men or women move to fast or slow. Many men or women when they meet someone for the very first time sometime expect to much out of someone while others expect so little. Then there are those who fall in love to easily, without knowing the person they are with and in the process give up all of their goodies within the very first week of dating. What most people don't realize is that men and women are just like some of the automobiles they drive. Some are meant to be driven at a high rate of speed, while others are to be driven slow and then there are those that need the soft touch or should be treated delicate. Then there are the ones that are driven hard all the time and all wheel all the time . Before any man or woman could expect anything out of the person they are dating or in a relationship with, they first must know something about them. Men or women are a little like cars and just like cars, one must first know how to turn them on or what turns them off ,once you have them running or interested in you. The question is now that you looking to date, searching for love or blessed enough to be in a relationship or marriage are you moving too Fast Or Slow? Once you figure out the proper speed , then you will be able to perfect or master your own relationship or marriage that may one day turn into a thing of beauty.

Now I must answer some questions from my readers.
1 (Annie) Chuck, I  just met a guy online on a dating website that I am very interested in. We exchanged numbers, texting each other once or twice, but he hasn't text me back since. Its been 6 days since I last heard from him.Question, am I wasting my time or am I expecting to much too soon?
Annie you met someone online, only known of him less than a week and you are expecting what? I don't understand! You don't know this person and he sure doesn't know you. If you want someone to be interested in you and give you the proper attention you deserve, you first have to do something to keep their attention. Try calling him, send him some pictures and showing him that you are really in to him. Expecting someone you just met online to drop everything and to be all into you is expecting to much too soon.
(2) (Teressa) Chuck I have been dating my friend for over six month and we have become intimate. I really like him,enjoy his company my children and family love him. But I have one big problem, I have bills to pay and he won't help me pay them. I feel that any man I sleep with , should not sleep with me for free and I don't want to be used. I am not saying I am for sell, because I really enjoy the love making but I am his woman and he is my man. Should he help me pay my bills, since we are now really serious and intimate?
Teressa I am very glad you asked me this question. It just kills me as a man to learn that, a woman that I just met, wants me to pay her bills. Like I don't have bills of my own! Come on Teressa, you said you weren't selling yourself, but just because you slept with him ,you want him to pay your bills? To me that's crazy! There are too many strong women in my life or that I know that don't ask men or require them to help them pay their bills. Why? Because they have career or jobs of their own. If a relationship or marriage is to truly work, it must be thought of as an partnership, where both participate in it equally. Sex or making love should be a mutual feeling or expression of love shared between two loving people. Love shouldn't come with a price, neither should be making love. If your man chooses to help pay your bills let him do so on his own. I think that any man who really loves or want to be with his woman will do what ever necessary to help his woman. Ms. Teressa you are expecting to much to soon.
(3)(Steven) Hey Chuck, I been dating my lady for over five years and I am thinking about getting married. I have one problem, she make more money than me, she already owns her own crib and drives a very nice car. I am scared that she will use this against me or play the power role. Should I be afraid or should I trust that our love will remain the same level?
Steven I don't understand why some men are intimidated or scared of successful women. Any man should be proud to have a woman that has her own or her own money and one that can handle her own business. Usually men have to pull all the weight , having someone that can only help and also make the relationship better. After all if she agrees to marry you, that within itself should prove that you loves you for you, not your money and it also show that she isn't trying to change you.
(4)(Shane) Chuck I met this woman in the club a few weeks ago and I really like her. We been on a couple of dates and the vibe is really good. But I have one very big problem, she has four very bad kids. Man those children drive me crazy! They are spoiled as hell and every-time I look around they look at me like I am their daddy! Should I run away or should I try to make this thing work?
Shane my mother always told me, that when a man decides to date or marry a woman , he also must accept the package that comes with her. If she happens to have children, then love them the same as you would love their mother. After all no child ask to be here or to be born. Shane if you really like this woman , realize that she is a mother first and then also your woman. Be prepared to be whatever the children need. Now that you know that she has children, its up you to give up or to stay. Take your time and do whatever necessary to make it happen.
(5)(Rosa) Hey Chuck, I met an amazing man, I am in love with him and I feel like he is my soul-mate. But I have two problems, (1) he lives over 1,500 miles away from me and (2) I have a boyfriend. Every time I make love to my boyfriend I always think of the man I am in love with. I am torn between two men, one I love and the other that I  really care for. Both are very good guys, but only one has my heart. The problem is the man I really want to be with lives over 20 hours away from me. Do you think a long distance relationship will work or am I stuck being with someone I don't love?
Rosa, Rosa, Rosa! You must tell you current boyfriend the truth and let him go. Its not fair to him and to have him thinking that your heart only belongs to him. It isn't fair! Do the right thing and please let him go. Long distant relationship have been proven to work and many of them have ended up in marriage. If you and your out of town lover really want to be together, your hearts will find away to be together. True love knows no barriers, has no limits, knows no fears and if you two really want to be together it will happen in time. Just don't rush it and take your time, If you can't wait for this to happen, the question is do you like it Fast Or Slow? Always remember orgasms are good, love is better having both is a blessing. Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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