The Cost To Be Boss!

Hey you! Yes you the person that is reading this, what is it that you would  rather have, a car note or a child? A husband, wife or a house note? Wouldn't you know that most car notes average 5 to 6 years and some house payments average at least twenty five years. The difference between having a child, spouse or a payment is that at least in a couple years what you bought will be paid for. But with a child or a spouse the cost are tremendous and in some cases never ending. Some children have been known to be both a financial and emotional burden to their parents way into their adult lives. A husband or wife even if you never divorce them ,will not only hurt your wallet, but also in stress or years. If you are smart you will consider not only the questions that I have displayed, but also the facts that are laid out before you. Children and Marriage are two very big investments, not only will one have to invest their money or time, but also the necessary years to ensure a successful marriage or to have very well raise kids that may become productive adults or citizens. The question is are you ready to make this type of investment and put in enough time to be able to deal with, The Cost To Be Boss?

 This is a question that all single or newly divorce people should think about. Why? Because even though car payments or house payments are Hugh investments, marriage and having children are even bigger. Each in the long run cost more than any material investment and in some cases the emotional toll it takes on certain individuals stay with some for a lifetime. Raising children or being married isn't easy, in fact its a hard chore, which takes a lot of energy,  time and patients. While millions of people around the world have dreams or desires about getting married or having children. Many don't take time to understand what they are getting themselves into. They don't realize that being a husband, wife or parent is an investment within itself and if invested wisely, both will yield Hugh dividends for the future for a lifetime. But if their investment weren't treated right or fairly, only divorce or heartache awaits those who didn't invest properly. The question is are you willing to pay The Cost To Be Boss? Write in , then express your thoughts or views on the subject.
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