The Freak's Come Out At Night

Unless you lived under a rock most of your life or have been very sheltered, you would realize that there is two type of worlds that we live in, one that is good and the other that is bad. As a child my mother would always explain to me that somethings in life aren't what they seem or appear to be. She would sometimes use people or certain situations as an example as a way of getting her point across. My favorite and the one I use with my own children were when she would say, Chuck never become envious or jealous when some appears to be doing well or when they appear to be very successful , because in truth everyone of us has a different side and also a different way we make our living. When I gave my mother a puzzled look, is when she explained to me just like working people, criminals view what they do as work too.Many of them wake up with intentions to rob, steal and even kill to make their living. Yes, Chuck she went on to explain there are professional, lairs, prostitutes,  thieves, robbers and killers. That's why there are law enforcement agencies, like the Police, Sheriff  or others to keep those type of  people in check. Then I asked my mother, when do these type of people come out, because I never seen them. Then she said , Chuck you have been sheltered most of your life, it is your father and I job to keep you safe from those type of people. But when you get older you will then realize that most of these people come out at night.

Which brings me to the topic of the weekend, The freaks come out at night!! This subject comes from a reader who happens to be dating a drug dealer. In her letter she wrote that, her boyfriend never spends time with her at night because he is always working. But one particular night ,she was exposed to his world and she almost lost her life.One night while they were out, a car pass by with their lights off, then drove real fast with a guy hanging out of the window. After that shots rang out and the car was filled with bullet holes.That night she explained, both of them lived. She was terrified, but her boyfriend took it all in stride. All he could say was that he was going to get those fools for shooting at him.After the night was over she asked him to stop doing what he was doing and he looked at her then said, the type of money he makes, can't be made at a normal job. In other works, he wasn't quitting, because the money was good. Needless to say her boyfriend went out the next night seeking revenge and now she is scared because she saw on the news, that someone was killed in a drive by shooting. She is afraid to leave, not only because her boyfriend is living a dangerous life, but also because she loves him and enjoys the life of being a drug dealers girlfriend. Her question to me is should she go or should she stay while the freaks come out at night?I think the answer to her question is quite obvious, if she wants to live she should go, but if she doesn't care about dying then she should stay. Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.
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