The Right Time

When I think about my past relationships and my failed marriage, one thought comes to mind, boy have I made a lot of silly mistakes in my lifetime. If you have thought as I have, you would have wished you could go back into time to avoid all that hurt or pain. As I reflect on my past mistakes, I  have noticed that I made one very glaring error, after I was done with one relationship, which was that I quickly got into another. I didn't give myself a chance to heal or time to get over my past relationship. By doing so I carried some very hurtful feelings or emotions and didn't trust any woman. It didn't matter who I was with I was always looking over my shoulder and it didn't matter how good the person I was with , I never could trust her. The reason why is because of my past hurts or feeling were carried with me and no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't let them go. As I think about what I just wrote I sometime remind myself of what my mother would say, Slow down Chuck, you are always in a rush, take your time and always look before you leap. Son you jump right out of the frying pan right into the fire! To some those words might not mean much, but to me they speak volumes and they speak to my soul. My mother also reminded me to forgive and try to forget about the past, then move on.

 After my divorce I vowed to take my time not only for myself, but also for the sack of those I may seek in the future. The biggest mistake I have ever made, was to rush into something new, without knowing enough about myself to move on or without knowing the person I was thinking about getting involved with. A friend of mine who just happens to be going through a divorce, just asked me this question, when do you know when its the right time to start over or to look for someone new? My answer is simple not until you are completely over your past friend, lover, ex-spouse, marriage or relationships, should a person consider starting all over again. If you happen to be reading this and your are currently going through a divorce, separation or have broken up with your friend. Take your time get to know yourself all over again and spend sometime by yourself! Also that man or woman that was chasing you or the one that was getting on your nerves before you got involved with the person you made a  mistake with. That possibly could have been the man or woman of your dreams, but  just like everyone else would do you chased them away, because you were in love with someone else. Write in then express your thoughts or feelings on the subject.
Until then have a great day,


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