Allow Nature To Take Its Course

Why is dating or finding someone new is so complicated or confusing? Because most men or women assume the worse or rush into to things without allowing nature to take its course. Since I been writing for Q&A With Chuck, I have taken over 30 online polls and found that when most men or women are out on a date, there are over 10 questions asked by each party. That's over 20 questions! After reading about this known fact, the first thing that came to my mind was , Wow! I thought that dates were dates and interviews were interviews. It makes me want to ask, Why so many question's fellas or ladies? Remember you are out on a date,  Are you trying to scare them away? If you really want to get too know the person, you are dating or interested in try getting to know them by spending time with them. Try looking into their eyes, holding hands, kissing, enjoying each others company and the dating experience. Please don't quiz them as if they were trail, on a game or talk show! If you do maybe may be your friendship can grow a little bit more only if you, Allow Nature To Takes Its Course.

 I have found that over 65 percent of men hate being overly questioned on the first date and 51 percent of women hate it when men stare at their breast or body parts. Equally men and women alike would like to go one a date where both can relax, without being questioned about, their jobs, family or incomes and almost 90 percent of women hate it when a man brings up any subject containing sex. Also a very big NO, NO is bringing up ones negative past. A date is a date, not a pity party and no man or woman likes it when they are being compared to their dates ex. If you want your date to end positive, then start it off that way. Negative comments or thoughts can kill the vibe or destroy any amount of chemistry you may have with that person really fast. Ladies or fellas keep those bad or negative thoughts to yourself . A first date, should be two people getting to know each other for the very first time, finding out if they have any chemistry or in common and the only questions that should be asked during a date is, Are you enjoying yourself or what is that scent you are wearing ?

My mother had a saying that I'll never forget, "You never get a second chance to make an first impression". That means first impressions are everything and if one does a couple of things right then it can lead into a successful relationship.But if one does a couple of things wrong, like saying you love them when you first meet them, expecting sex , money, marriage or being negative on the very first date, then you may scare them away. Also if you question them so much, as if they were being cross examine by a lawyer, then its very possible that you won't be hearing from or seeing that person again. Those things are very big turn offs and will scare any quality man or successful woman away. My advice to the men or women that are now dating or seeking someone to new, don't be overly aggressive and don't allow curiosity to get the best of you. Get to know the answers to your many questions, by getting to know them the natural way, by learning about person, while spending time with them. In time the things that you want, like love, sex and even marriage will happen naturally only if you, Allow Nature To Take Its Course.Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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