Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

If you happen to be single or newly divorced, then you already know that, finding someone good or new is extremely complicated. Even with our advance technologies such as the Internet or the apps that are provided on our phones, finding a good, single, available man or woman is not very easy to find. Every time I am written a letter, by any of my female readers, I always hear the same old story, "There are no good men, they would say or that the men they meet are either playing games or wanting sex. I just have one question to any of you ladies that may say this, could you be over looking the men, that are all around you everyday or are you being to picky? Before any of you answer, I have heard  all the excuses before, he is too short, to tall, to fat or over weight, doesn't make enough money or drive the right car, doesn't live in the right area, isn't educated enough, isn't fit, not my type, doesn't look good enough or doesn't meet my standards. Then I have heard the really crazy excuses, when they would say he is too nice or kind, works too much, spends to much time with his family and some would say to religious! Really some of you women have problems with men who love God or one that makes money! That's crazy! I have also heard some women say," I want what I want and until I get what I want I will be single"! My answer to any woman that may feel this way, that is why you are still single today, because of your high standards. What's funny to me is that some of these women, with these very high standards don't equal up to their own standards. Now that's a trip!

The fact is there are more single men or women than ever and despite men out numbering women in most areas 10-1, men just like women are having a hard time finding a good mate. As much as some women would like to complain that men play games or that there are no good available men there are just, as many women that play mind games of their own. The question is if there happens to be so many available good men or women, then why aren't they getting together, becoming couples and creating magic? Simple because they are being judge or read before they are even given a chance. That's right men and women everyday are being judged by what they wear, how they look, where they live, what they drive, their career choices, how educated they may be, how much money they make and some are even judged by their religious or political beliefs. Then top it off, if you are not from the same area or race then you are really off limits. This is how or why there are so many single people. People are being judge like book covers or preview's of a movie. If the cover or preview doesn't look good enough for them, then they pass right over it or don't read it at all. That within itself is a very big mistake and the reason why is because there happen to be a lot of good single, eligible men or women out there. If you happen to be reading this, please Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover, because if you do, its very possible that you may pass on a very good thing that could change your life forever. Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.
P.S. Ladies, not every man you meet are expecting or wanting sex. Yet there are a few that do, but there are some older or more mature men don't and will respect or treat you like a lady. If you happen to meet a man and the first thing he mentions is sex, then go out of the other door, then run. Don't become an easy target, most men will respect you more if you make them wait.


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