Even If You Try

Have you notice lately that some people are impossible to deal with? Many of them are lazy, head strong, have bad attitudes, stubborn or stuck in their ways and no matter what you try to do to help them, they either refuse or they get in the way. That's why its so difficult being nice, being a gentleman, a lady or even Christian like, because some people just hate kindness or they can't deal with it. They can't stand it if you are good person, loving or someone that's just trying to do the right thing.That is why so many men or women pass up a good thing, because they don't know how to act when they meet someone good or someone that may treat them like a real man or a lady. What's crazy is that some of them look at you ,like something is wrong with you for being a good person and some even have the nerve to ask why are you being so nice?

 As an example of this, one day I opened a door, then held it open for a lady I saw that was about to enter a store. Instead of smiling or being grateful that I opened the door ,she gave me a mean look then held on tightly to her purse. She waited until I entered the store first and then I said, I was only trying to be nice. Then she said what for, what's your motive or what are you doing that for? I just answered by saying I was raised to be a gentleman and also that I had daughters. I continued to say, that I hope one day some man in the future would open doors for my daughters or granddaughters and treat them like ladies. Then she said well honey they don't make men like you anymore and your ways are in the stone age or is the past! So you better get with it. Then one thought came to my mind, some people you can't help or be nice to even if you try. Experiencing this got me to thinking and it made me want to ask this question, why is it that good men or women and even some Christians have hard time just being nice? What's wrong with being a good, loyal, kind, giving, faithful, romantic or with giving someone a compliment? Why is it that some people won't let you be good to them or help them even if you try? These questions often make me remember what my mother used to say, You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can never please everyone all of the time. After all you can only be you and no matter what lengths you are willing to go too make it happen. You could never keep someone you love or know happy for any length of time even if you tried. Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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