High Heals

Since shoes were created, there is no shoe that gets a man looking or his attention more than a beautiful woman in pair of high heels. My first experience of noticing a beautiful woman in heels, was viewing my mother in them. But at that time it wasn't for admiring her in them, it was from her throwing them at me when I did something wrong or made her mad. I can vaguely remember being punished, for doing something I had no business doing. Soon after that my mother sent me to my room, then I whispered something mean under my breath. As always my mothers bionic ears heard me and then she said" Chuck what did you say"? Then I said nothing mom! Then she said boy who are you hollering at! Five seconds later those same high heals, I saw my mother wearing came flying through the hall and then curved perfectly into my room then hit me in my head. I tried to hide, then I even tried to run but those High Heals curved and followed me everywhere I go. They were like heat seeking missiles, no matter where I tried to run or hide they always hit their target!  My mother walked into my room then looked under her glasses and with a mean look then said," Son I brought you into this world, don't make me take you out of it"! I looked down at those red pumps and said, to myself, I don't ever want to see a pair of High Heel shoes again! Of course through the years that thought, has changed. I am now an adult and love seeing a beautiful woman wear them. I am no longer have that same fear of them, as I did as a child and to me there is nothing more beautiful than a woman wearing some beautiful High Heals. Even though some of you ladies only wear them to add or enhance your height, legs or figure there is nothing more beautiful to most men, then a woman in nice pair of colorful, stylist, High Heals. The moral to this story is fellas if you ever happen to make your lady or woman, mad or unhappy make sure or hope that she isn't wearing any High Heals! That thought just brought a chill through me just thinking about it. (smile) Ladies if you happen to have a shoe fetish, addicted to buying shoes or happen to love wearing High Heals, write in and tell us about it we would love to read about your stories.
Until then have a great day,


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