Its Not A Game!

When I think about my childhood I am often reminded of the talks that I had with  my mother or father. My parents were from the old school and believe that if you wanted something in this world you had to work hard for it. They also believed that if one went to school, graduated from college and then got themselves a job in their field, in time they could accomplish all of their dreams. I remember as a teenager I would have big dreams and thought one day that I would become a doctor. When I shared that vision with my Father, that was when all hell broke loose. My father is was a realist, he didn't bite his tongue and he wasn't afraid to hurt any one's feelings. It wasn't that he didn't support his children, if they had a dream or ideal. He just had a way of laying out the facts before you, so that you could see what you were getting yourself into.This particular conversation I had with him will never forget, because it also influenced my life forever.Chuck, he went on to say, its nice that you have big dreams, in fact anyone can dream about anything, but it take a real man to go through with it and make it happen. Life isn't easy, nobody is going to give you anything for free and life Son isn't a game. If you want something in life you will have to work hard for it. Never do anything stupid, like steal, sell drug or anything that's illegal. Because if you do don't expect me or your mother to get your butt out of jail  and if you get some little girl pregnant or get married  then its on you. Son life is not a game! At that time I was wondering why he was telling me this stuff, after all I was only 13. I didn't like girls at that time, so getting someone pregnant wasn't going to happen and going to jail was the last thing on my mind. Parents!! LOL Now I am one and now I know how he feels.
Have you notice that children and even some of us grown folks treat life as if it were a game. Many of them are careless, irresponsible, foolish and most act like the have a care in the world. What they fail to realize is that life itself is a responsibility and the more a person takes on, the harder it is just to live. That's why it very important to realize that when we as adults take on certain responsibilities that we take them very seriously. Before anyone thinks about having or creating children, getting married, starting a business ,buying a new car or home and getting out on their own, that its not a game. That's right just like everything in life, it takes time patience, hard work and a lot of understanding. Life as my father would say, is what you make it, if you work hard and  if you are honest in time you can accomplish all your dreams. But if you chose to live the life of crime or deception in time you will pay. Life its not a game! Write in then express your thoughts or views.
Until then have a wonderful week,


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