Jokes Or Thoughts Of The Week

Every now and then I like to look at life on the lighter side , as my late great uncle would always say life can't be serious all the time. Sometimes, he would go on to say one must laugh at themselves or trip out on other people mistakes. I was always told, that if you can't enjoy life or have fun while living it what's the point to living at all? Everybody deserves a break from raising their children or time away from their household chores, demanding careers or jobs and anyone that's in a relationship or in a marriage should take a break or spend sometime along , by themselves just to get away from it all. That's right try something new, then take a trip out of town, work out at a gym, shop or buy yourself something special, go to a movie and then go out to eat at your favorite restaurant. For those who may think you need someone to share those things with, I have one simple saying if you can't like, love or have fun with yourself how do you expect others too? Even though there are a lot of bad, horrible, terrible or crazy things going around in the world, there is no reason not to break from it all then enjoy life and  have fun or to enjoy life to the fullest. After all we are only blessed with one life why not enjoy the little that each of us are blessed with. That means you, yes you the person that happens to be reading this blog, should enjoy the people you love while they are breathing or living and live life to the fullest. After all life is not promised to any of us, so while we are still here lets have lots of fun, laugh, play hard, experiment or explore a lot or a little, give it our best and enjoy it while we still can!

Which brings me to "Jokes Or Thoughts Of The Week", Why did God make stupid people or allow them to do dumb, crazy or really stupid things? So that people like you or I could laugh until we cried or so that we could simply shack our heads and say," Wow that was crazy or very stupid"! Why does God let or allow our children drive us crazy? Because when we were children ourselves, we also gave our own parents just as much hell as our children are giving us now and now that we are adults, we are getting a taste of our own medicine. As much as we all would like to complain about our children,we should never forget that not so long ago, that we were children ourselves and none of us were perfect. Some of us were bad as hell, while others did things that they would like to forget about. The fact is children will someday grow up, become adults, raise children of their own and they will make mistakes. If a parent raised their child well or properly, then one day they will make their parents proud, because or the rearing and values that were put into their children. Just trust or believe that you as a parent, did all you could to make sure that your child will become productive citizens as an adult. For those who may question what you just read its called FAITH, if you don't have any of it then do yourself a favor get some,  go to church then acquire it ,because its very helpful, useful and without it a person can become lost.

(1) A joke for parents; Don't you love or hate it when your child does something right its their child,(Babies Mother or Father) but the minute they do something wrong its your child? I sometimes just shake my head when, my child's mother would make statements like this one. When one of my children does something right they take after her, but when they did something wrong they must have taken after me or those bad habits must have came from my side of the family. Like their family are perfect or that she were raised better than I was. If she was so good or perfect then explain to me why has she been married over 4 times going on number 5 and going through men as if they were toilet tissue?
(2) Of the many things that our children today may never experience is growing a plant from a seed, then eating from their own gardens or meeting the person they are dating parents, father or mother before their very first date. When I grew up I watched my father grow his own vegetable garden. He would raise tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, black eye peas and others vegetables. We didn't go to the store for food because my parents grew or made their own. My mother would bake her own bread , cookies or cakes from scratch and my grandmother would supply the jam from the black berry's or figs that we picked from the fields or trees. We made our own ice cream and Cool Aid or Lemon Aid was the drink that everyone enjoyed. My mother or sister made their own clothes and our shoes lasted all year. There was no Walmart's, Sam's, Albertston's , malls or other department stores. That's why I know for a fact that my generation grew up in a better time, where men learned how to be men and women learned how to be women. We were self made and no one gave us anything, instead we had to learn it, earn it and work very hard for it. Today's adults or children are spoiled and almost all of them expect someone to give them something or they just simply want  an handout. Most young adults today don't know how to cook or clean and can't even spell , add or subtract without the aid of their cell phones. In my time if you didn't earn it you didn't learn it and no body was about to give you anything for free not even advice. These are my thoughts and my attempt at poking some fun. Oh yeah before I finish why is it that some people think its okay to go too the store or out in public, with just their pajamas, sleep cloths or underwear? Don't they realize how dumb or really stupid they look? These are my Jokes Or Thoughts Of The Week! Hoped you enjoyed my writing today, please write in and then tell us about your real life experiences. Positive thoughts always produce positive results!
As always have a great weekend,


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