Long Distance Relationships Can They Work?

For more than a hundred and maybe thousands of years, men or women have found their soul mates on foreign soil or land. Some have traveled by  land ,others by sea, while many others have taken flight or use of an airplane. Its a known fact that millions of people worldwide, have been in relationships and even married someone that wasn't from their own city, state or even their own country. In the old days soldiers would write letters, to the women they fell in love with who happen to come from different cities, towns, states or over seas. Not very long after that, mail order bride services started to bloom and  back then that was the only way a man or woman could communicate with each other. Soon after that phones, then cell phones, computers or smart devices started to get into the act and because of these advances, long distant relationships began to really take off. Now the majority of the public around the world, use dating sites or social networks as a way of meeting men or women that they would have never met or known without them.

The question is, does long distant relationships work or are they worth even giving  a try? From my research and from my own personal experience, I must say in most cases they are worth trying. After all I married my ex-wife ,who happen to be from another state and it worked out just fine.( Even though five years later we divorced) Once we got together it was that very distance that kept us together and made us both want to get married. Why you may ask? The old saying is," Absence makes the heart grow founder". In our case this statement was very true, it was our distance from each other, that brought us closer together and eventually it ended with marriage. The fact is someones soul mate or future spouse, may not be in their own back yard and just like someone seeking a new job or a new opportunity some may have to look, from the outside of their surroundings, in order to find true love. The question I often hear people ask, Is it possible to find true love in another city, state or even country and can long distance relationships really work? Yes they can! With a little hard work, a lot of patience, plenty of understanding and two determined people that really love or care about each others feelings, anything is possible. If two loving people meet, fall in love there is nothing on this green Earth that will keep them apart. In my latest studdies I have found not only do they work , in many cases they have led to marriage and some have also reported great sex lives! My advice to anyone who may consider getting into a long distance relationship is, never allow your friends or relatives to destroy your happiness. Always follow your heart and allow your mind to lead the way. Try it don't be afraid, true love sometimes can only a be a drive, phone call or a flight away. Long Distance Relationships Can They Work? If one can follow their heart, then they could find true love no matter how far they have travel to find it. Write in then express your thoughts or feelings on the subject.


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