Hey you the person that happens to be reading this blog, don't you sometime feel that life or your life sometimes can be overwhelming? Some people, maybe your parents, your boss, children, your husband or wife and even some of your friends are pulling at you from all directions. Everyone of them mean you well, but every time you look around someone has some type of advice to give or wants to tell you how to live your life and everyone of them has an opinion. None of them seem to be satisfied or even care that you are grown now and that you are capable of making your own decisions. They don't like the car you drive, not please with the clothes you are wearing, hate the man or woman you are seeing, complain about your weight , and some of them don't like or approve of the home or apartment you are buying or renting. In their eyes you are still moms little boy, daddy's little girl , the immature boy or girl they grew up with, not grown enough or smart enough to make your own decisions. This within itself can make life overbearing or Overwhelming.

 The question is what does one do when this happens or becomes a reality? First look at yourself in the mirror, then realize that you aren't a child anymore but as my mother would say, a grown @#@##  man or woman! That means making your own decisions without seeking advice or asking for approval from others and when it comes to finding a man or woman always do what's best for you or  your heart. Raise your children the best way you can or know how and if you happen to make a mistake be prepared to live with the consequences. Stop caring or worrying about what other people think and only be concern about your own thoughts or feelings. After all when life does become overbearing or overwhelming, none of those people will be around to help you anyway. That means man up or  act like a woman, you are grown now and on your own. Stop allowing people to hurt your feelings, handle your business and do what's right, then always be prepared to handle life's Overwhelming situations on your own. After all life sometimes can be crazy, the unexpected will happen and sometimes it will be Overwhelming. Always live life as a real man or woman being only true to yourself and no matter what do it your way. Because life can sometime become Overwhelming! Write in then express your thoughts or feeling on the subject.


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