Relationship 101

I remember not to long ago I was at a table surrounded by a bunch of women and many of them were asking me questions pertaining relationships or incites when it comes to the do's or don'ts when it comes to dating or relationships. One of the ladies laughed then suggested that the advice I gave them was so good that I should become a relationship advisor, teacher, professor or writer and from that very conversation Q&A With Chuck was born. One of the biggest reason relationships or marriage fails is because the lack of communication and not understanding the other persons wants, needs or desires. The key to every successful relationship is one where both can talk openly about their wants, needs, dislikes, desires or differences. I was always told that if you can't communicate or talk to the person you are with or planning on being with then eventually the relationship will fail. Also if one doesn't understand or know about the person they are dealing with, in time the other person will loose interest. The biggest mistake that I have found that men or women make, is forgetting that the person that they are interested in had a life before them.(Family, Friends and a Career) In most cases that is where the problem begins and then ends. Its a easy problem to fix, but if it isn't caught early on into the relationship or marriage, very soon after that it will cause problems. The question is once you found the man or woman of your dreams, how do you keep them, how do you keep them from cheating or how do you keep them from loosing interest in you? Also how do you keep your man or woman from being angry, unhappy or from loosing patience?

The answer to these questions is simple,  by realizing that just like everything in life, doing to much is over doing it and doing to little is not enough. Which mean what ever you do it must be done in moderation. It is as simple as taking care of a plant or even yourself. Even though most doctors would agree drinking, 8 glasses of water a day or taking your vitamins is good for you. If you over do it, by drinking to much or by taking to many of them ,then in time it could kill you.
The same thing applies to a relationship and if you give a person to much of a good thing, then it could eventually run them away or destroy it. Which means even though you like them a lot or even love them, you have to give everyone their space and if you don't you could appear to be possessive or they may feel that you are smothering them.

Communication is the key but understanding is a must. Somethings can be over done, over talked, over text or call and you can wear out your welcome, if you visit them too much. Dropping in on someone, just because can cause a problem .I suggest only visiting them when its the right time or when its appropriate. As a rule I would advise any man or woman, not to call or text too much while a person is working or with their family members. No one should ever call or text while, a person is in church, at family function or if they happen to be in a business meeting. The key to every relationship or marriage is understanding ,when it is the right or wrong time and not being overbearing with your affection or love. Also if you happen to have a grievance, problem or you  just simply want to talk ,never do it while they are on their way to work or while they are working. How do you keep the man or woman you like or in love with interested? By being patient, loving, understanding and knowing when is the right or wrong time to communicate. Never forget that negativity is a big relationship killer, it can destroy any hope, feelings, desires, its a very big turn off  and will run away any good quality man or woman. Never start off any date or relationship off negative and being jealous is a wasted emotion. The only true way to maintain or keep any of  relationship or marriage is by being loving, positive and supportive in all ways. Take this free helpful advice from the heart ,Relationship 101. Write in then express your thoughts or opinions on the subject.


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