Why They Call It Love

There used to be an old saying, behind every great man or woman, was a great partner supporting their husband or wife needs or desires to the end. In other words one persons dreams became the others, together they become a force to be reckon with and when two great minds think a like or as one, nothing can stand in their way. As my late grandmother would say when two people really love each other or have each others back, the world is their oyster. Everything they hoped for or ever wanted can be theirs, if only they don't allow the outside world in. Then she would look at me, then say," Baby true love is between the ears and not the legs". After growing up on my own I held on to my late grandmothers beliefs and found that true love isn't about flirting, hugs, kisses, money, buying material things or even sex. True love is about having the ability, to live without those things or faults and still have strong feelings or emotions for the one you are married to, in a relationship with or happen to love. Love is being there through the good times as well as the bad. Its been said that its very easy to love someone when everything is going well, but the real test comes when the person you love needs you, gets in trouble, sick or is in bad health. That's why when one gets married, the Pastor or Preacher may say these very important words that most bride or grooms seem to forget very soon after the marriage. Do you promise to love through, sickness or health through death do us part?

 Its sad to say that I didn't understand those statements at an early age, but instead at the ripe age of forty. After a divorce that is when I began to comprehend the meaning of those words and that also made me realize that when I got into my past relationships or marriage it was for the wrong reasons. The reason I say this is because most of the time a relationship or marriage goes far beyond being physical and is mostly mental. That means loving someone else's mind before loving their body and also being able to live with the others faults. After all when the physical part, the lust or desire is over with, that is when a man and a woman, have to deal with the emotional or mental aspect of the person they are dealing with. That is when one truly finds out what the person they are dealing with is all about. This is when one finds out about a persons, beliefs, desires, dreams, emotions, expectations, feelings or thoughts and as complicated as this sound there is more. After living with them or spending time with them, that is when some of the hidden things are exposed. This is where you find out about their children, family, faults, bad manners or habits. The question is now that you know, can you live with what you have learned, knowing that the man or woman you are in love with, isn't who or what you thought they were? After you been living with them or married to them can you deal with some of their nasty or evil ways? As you think about an answer to these two question, don't forget that the man or woman you are dealing with is asking themselves these same questions. They are also wondering, have they made a mistake or if you are really the right one for them. Complicated or scary right? That's Why They Call It Love. Write in then express your thoughts or view's on the subject.


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