A Power Couple

As I have grown older I began to realize that a great relationship form , when two willing loving souls come together or unite with the thought of becoming one. Before any of this can happen, one or both have to take a small peak into their past. Which means looking back at their past relationships or marriage, then realizing what they did wrong or right. After they determine what they did wrong, then leave that part behind while taking the good parts with them into the future. I call this taking a small inventory of one self or re-evaluating yourself. My wise father would always say that everyday that a man or woman  lives, is just another day to get better or improve on the things, that they know that they are weak in.. But as a couple or as married people, he would say those things should be worked on or out together. After all he continued to say when two become one , there is no room to be selfish and in a relationship or a marriage its never about just one individual, it always about the couple or team that has become one.

When you think about my father wise words its easy to determine that this is how, great couples or marriages are formed. Its when two loving people come together with the ideal of becoming something great, special or unique together. Its very easy for almost anyone to say that I have a good relationship or marriage, but to say I have an awesome, great friendship, relationship or marriage now that is something special! You can always tell the difference between a good couple or a great couple. How you may ask? A good couple will always be satisfied with they have or what they achieved not trying to improve on anything. But a great couple or power couple will always try to improve while seeking or expecting greatness from the other. This how husband or wives become administration leaders such as C.E.O's of major companies, managers, business owners, Presidents, politicians, great professional athlete's or successful at anything. Because behind close doors the husband or wife is always constantly pushing and supporting each other. One half desires or dreams becomes the others and neither are satisfied unless both have accomplished their goals. This is when a man or woman looks at their special someone and say we will become something great together!

 Like my late grandmother would always say, when two great minds come together with the ideal of becoming one, then only thing that can come out of it is greatness. In other words when, two great minds think alike, being totally unselfish and committed, loving each other to the end, then nothing in this green Earth that can get in their way. This how how good couples, become the next great couples or power couples and its these type of couples that always seem to get what they want or their way. In other words never be satisfied with a relationship or marriage that's good or ordinary. Always expect more from yourself and then from your spouse so that you both can achieve greatness. Greatness is not measured by what a man or woman accomplishes by themselves or as individuals, but the opposition he or she overcome to reach his or her  GOALS  together. If you happen to be in a relationship or now married, become A Power Couple don't settle,  but admired by many and envied by others from close, near or afar. Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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