Can't Live Without

Dating these days have become so complicated and good men or women seem so very hard to find. To make matters worse now there is Internet dating and it seems the good ones are either taken, married, in jail, in another city, state or thousand of miles away. The pool of good men or women seem to be shrinking more each and everyday. The questions are what happens when you finally meet the person that you are interested in, then see or meet them face to face and then later develop strong emotions or feelings for them? The hours or few days you spent with them seem or feel like magic and the chemistry you shared with them seem unreal or out of a dream. You are thinking about them, so much so that they start invading your thoughts,  laid claim to your heart and now they are in your thoughts or dreams. What's strange or funny about this, is that no one around you can match their charm, doesn't have that touch or swagger to turn you on. Now you know that you like them, I mean really like them and now you don't know what to do or how to keep them. The question is what happens when someone meets or sees a person they Can't Live Without? What happens if one finally meets that special someone for the very first time, then find out that they fit like a glove or puzzle, have strong chemistry with them and later develop the feelings to match? What should one do or how far should that someone go to be with or have the man or woman of their dreams?

 My honest opinion to all of these questions is that true love may come once or twice in a lifetime and when one gets that chance they should never let go. After all a man or woman can make plenty of money, have a wonderful career, acquire many material things or live any where or place in the world and still never find true love. Its been my experience that no personal achievement, is greater than finding someone that may love you for a lifetime. I always believed for every good man or woman God created, a special person that may capture their hearts. Yes there are still good men or women out there and all that is required is two loving souls that are willing to love each other then share each others world forever. To the men or women that happen to be reading this blog, become aggressive and go after what pleases your heart. If by chance you happen to meet or see a person that captures your heart, you should always do what ever it is necessary, to keep the one you, Can't Live Without". Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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