First Date

If you happen to be single or divorced take a hard look at the tittle above and later I will explain why you should do so. But if you happen to be separated or someone who just got out of a relationship, then this blog isn't for you. I was always told that one should always finish what they started. If you just got out of a bad relationship or you are currently married and have filed separation papers, then you are still dealing with some current issues. It wouldn't be fair or right, for someone in your position to date or see someone single. After any breakup or fresh divorce I recommend that the person or persons going through this should take time out for themselves so that they can get to know themselves all over again. Then they should also do their best to leave those bad or negative feelings or thoughts from their past in the rear view mirror. Why? Because those thoughts or views will only do them harm and won't help them when they venture out into the future. Only after one has dealt with or has gotten over their past should one move on into the future.

Which brings me to the topic of the week, First Date! First dates, to me are fun , very exciting and from it you can get a lot of valuable information. The reason why I feel this way is because, this is the first time you get a chance, to meet the person on the other side of the computer screen or the cell phone. To some this experience can be very scary and the reason why is because a lot of people lie or misinterpret themselves online or on their cell phones. Some people have been known to lie about their appearance, age, career,character, size, weight and even their marital status just to get a date. Sometimes even those pictures that were posted on their profiles or the one sent through a text, don't match the person you may meet in person. My opinion about those type of people or when the situation does arise is simple, that is the world we live in and there are people out there that are afraid of being themselves or also afraid of rejection. So that part doesn't bother me, because that person or those people that do those things just simply weed themselves out the equation. My advice to anyone who happen to be going on their First Date, is to always remember not everyone you may meet or talk to is meant to be with you and never be afraid to reject or be rejected. As my mother would always say, "You never get a chance to make an first impression". In other words, make sure those teeth are brushed, hair cut or done, nails clean and always dress to impress. If the date doesn't work out at least you could say that you were well dressed and as my son would say, "Your hygiene was on point".

Now back to the reason I asked you to pay attention to the tittle First Date. A date should always be simple especially the first one. It is meant to get to know something new or unknown for the very first time about the person you just met. This is where you find out if you and your date has any chemistry or as my daughter would say, Vibe! If the date goes well or as planned do yourself a favor, never engage in sexual activity. Just because you have talked to them over the phone or Internet doesn't mean they are someone you are meant to be with or marry. That is why I discourage any sexual activity or talk of getting married on the very first date or meeting. Unless you know for a fact that you will be with this person for some length of time in the very near future, then sex, marriage or the talk of it should be off limits. Now you are on your very first date or meeting with the man or woman you have been chatting with, exchanging e-mails and having deep conversations with over the phone. You or they have, driven or flown many miles just for the very first date. You are anxious, nervous, scared and your palms are sweating. Don't worry, your date is feeling the same as you, just make the most of it even if it fails or if this person isn't what you are looking for. If it does workout then don't give away a lot of yourself to early and save it for latter, maybe for your second, third or even fourth date. After all it is your first date, a day that you or your date will always remember.Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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