When I look around the world today, I find that as time has passed by there are a few things that are missing from it.What you may ask? For one people don't stay together or married as long as they used to, adults and even some children don't seem to have respect their parents or life. Customer service in many establishments has just about vanished, a lot of people have doubts or don't believe in God or love and no one seems to believe in a lifetime or forever. After reading this, there is no doubt, this is the main reason why they world is in the sad shape it is today. It makes one ask or ponder these questions, What happen to dinner at grandmothers house on Sundays? What happen to men opening doors for young or older women before walking into the mall or store? What happen to people respecting their elders, elected officials, police, teachers and even their parents? What happen to marrying your high school sweetheart or the one you fell in love with and staying that way forever? Is it because most of us stop believing in love, God, marriage,togetherness, relationships and then ourselves or forever? Is this the reason why many of us don't believe in ourselves or forever?

 Thanksgivings is more than a holiday, its a day to reflect on our many accomplishments, achievements, victories and its one more month before the start of a New Year. To those that have faith in God , it proves that with him you can survive or over come all things.That's why all around the world people prepare one very huge feast, just to say thank you. Out of all the day's of the year, this is the day that all families come together from all corners of their countries to catch up on old times, share a little laughter, hugs, kisses, tears and a very good meal. This is why I think Thanksgivings was created, so that whoever prepared the meal, would make it so large that not even the greediest of us all could eat it.Why? Because there is no place like home, blood is thicker than water, deep down in each of our hearts we still believe in true love, family, God, marriages that last a lifetime, long lasting relationships, respect, honor and Forever. Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.
Have a wonderful Thanksgivings,



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