How To Avoid A Player

I know if you happen to come across this tittle, you might say to yourself, How Do I Avoid A Player? After all there are all types of players and some of them happen to be very good as if they were experts or went to college to be a player. As sad as it might sound , there are many men and women who love being players. In their minds no one person can please them or make them happy. That's why most of them are always searching for the next best thing or conquest. I know if you are reading this you might think that these people are crazy, selfish or mean and only think about themselves. But the fact is many people today have a big problem with their sexual addictions and if nothing is done about it, in the end they will pay the final punishment. In this particular blog I am not giving advice to those who are players, instead I will show you what a player looks like and give you sound advice on How To Avoid A Player?
 As my late grandmother would always say, if you lay down with dogs then there is a good chance that, you will come up with fleas. The problem is that there are many dogs, players or whores and they come in every class, size, shape, race or profession. In fact some would argue that they are more players in the world, than good people or in other words, more bad people than good. The question is how does one avoid a player or keep from being played? In other words, How To Avoid A Player? To answer that question, one must know they different types of players, so that one doesn't get played. How many types are there? When I done my research I have found that there are over 20 types, but being that this is a blog, I won't cover them all. Instead I will focus on the main five type of players that men and women may run across during their day.

(1) The sexual player; I call this player the conquest player, but if it happens to be a woman, someone that only wants a friend. Most men begin this type of playing, at an early age seeking to sleep with as many women as possible. For men its a competition between their male friends, especially if they happen to meet a woman at a beach, bar, night club or spring break. At the end of the night, the would be players compare notes to see how many phone numbers or panties were collected. On the other hand I have found that women, take this type of playing to whole new level, some would have a few so called male friends on the side, just in case their main man acts up.(2) The gold digger or the bum.This type of player is mostly interested in someones money and will do almost anything to get it.They are always broke, have a bill to pay and for some strange reason can't find a job.The first thing they will ask you, is to pay one of  their bills or to buy them something to eat, then later co-sign for a loan and very soon after that, will be after your credit card or bank account information.(3) The married or in relationship man or woman; This player can be found just about anywhere, they could be found in a bar, at the mall, on the Internet and even in church.This player doesn't like to give out their phone number or address and will never allow you to visit them where they live.This player only purpose is to have some companionship, a little fun, enjoy some sexual pleasures when the boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife is away. Even though some men or women would prefer to date a married man or woman, the statistics show that 95 percent of all men eventually go back to their wives and 60 percent of the women eventually cheat on their new man within a couple of months, the other five percent that leave have failed relationship very shortly after.(4) The trophy wife or husband these type of players are usually very good looking young men or women that go after the older, very successful  rich men or women. Their only purpose is to find someone wealthy enough to give them money and too take care of them. After they have used their victims up, drained their bank accounts and own over half their victims wealth they move on to the next one. What's not so funny is that there are younger women or a few older women that would go after a older man that's old enough to be their grandfather and then hope that he will die or pass away so that they could collect his money or life insurance policy.(5) The spoiled, don't want to get a job player; This player will probably never work and if they do it will be as a drug dealer or thief. If this player gets their hooks in you they will attempt to move in with you, eat all of your food, won't do any chores and always beg you for money.

 Its my opinion that anyone who is looking for someone new, should always pay attention to the main warning signs in order to avoid a player. In some cases it won't be easy, because most players are smooth ,good looking, very good liars and appear to have their acts together. But if one pays attention to the early warning signs then any one can avoid being played. How to avoid a player, by recognizing what types they are and paying attention to the warning signs. When the topic, bills, money or sex is brought up real early on chances are you are about to be played by a player and this is How To Avoid A Player. Write in then express your thoughts or feelings on the subject.
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