Keeping It 100

Love, marriage and relationships can be a wonderful thing, only if one finds another that's willing to give equal or the same amount of love and support to each other. Which means each will have to be able to love the other equally without holding back. I have found why so many relationships or marriages fail , is because many people today are very selfish or only care about themselves. Almost everyone that I have met, talked to, gave marriage or relationship advice too or after reading the many letters that have been written to me over time. I have found many that are willing to do almost anything to fall or find love. But most aren't willing to give 100 percent of themselves to make the relationship or marriage work. Some are only willing to give just enough or small part of themselves just to get by and that just won't due. I have also found out that people that are currently in relationships or marriages these days are always doing their own things, instead of doing each other and many are unwilling to help the other one out. I would always hear statements like," I won't help him or her with this" and "I am not willing to do that or  when it comes to that type of situation they are own their own. What they don't realize is, that is the main reason why 100 percent of all marriages or relationships fail is because one or both are very selfish. If two people, that are married or in a relationship aren't willing to commit themselves to each other completely, then everything that they attempt to do or touch without each as other will fail including their relationships. The question I have for anyone daring to be selfish is, if you aren't willing to give 100 percent of yourself, how can you expect that someone special to give what you aren't willing to give yourself? Don't like this question, well I am just Keeping It 100!

My advice is simple, if one isn't willing to give 100 percent of themselves to the person they claim to care for, think about or love then they shouldn't be dating, getting involved in a relationship or considering getting married at all. As a matter of fact, if one isn't committed to even themselves, then they should simply stay to away from people other and keep to themselves. That means they shouldn't live with anyone, go out with someone or even think about getting married. Why? Because no one deserves to be loved or wanted part of the way, some of the time or even half of the way. Instead all those who seek love should be loved completely, unconditionally or 100 percent. If you happen to be reading this and your marriage or relationship is about to fail or has failed. Then maybe its because you aren't or weren't committed enough to it or you aren't willing to do what it takes to keep it together. If one isn't willing to help their significant other in all ways or satisfy all their special ones needs, then they simply shouldn't be together. True love, marriage or a committed relationship requires, lots of hard work, plenty of spent together, sometimes money, help with the children or chores,(even if they aren't yours) plenty of patience, lots of romance and 100 percent of support. If one isn't willing to give all of these things, then they shouldn't be involved in any type of relationship at all.  This might sound hard, harsh or ruff but I am just, Keeping It 100! Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.
Have a wonderful Spring,
Food for thought : Car loans have been known to average between 5 to 6 years, while home loans average 15 to 20, but marriages and some relationships have been known to last for a lifetime, choose your commitments or investments wisely.


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