Life Will Go On

A while back I wrote a blog asking a very simple question, Why Are You Still Single? In other words if you are such a good , great or awesome man or woman, why isn't it that you have found someone special or to call your own? Then I wrote another blog tittle, Thinking About Getting A Divorce. After doing some research for some well known personal websites, I have determined that the biggest reasons why most men or women are single or divorced is because of their negative attitudes, their inability to get over their past or their past mistakes and their fears of moving on. Lets face it, if you happen to be single, divorced or separated, then there are plenty of reasons why you are still single or divorced today. Some of the reasons why some people are divorced or now planning on getting one is because most happen to date, then marry the wrong person or have gotten married for the wrong reasons. As my late grandmother would put it, there are a lot of good reasons to be in a relationship or marriage, but there are also plenty of good reasons not to be in one. In other words, don't start dating, get involved in a relationship or marriage just because your are lonely, horny or because everyone else is doing it. After all you both can do bad all by yourself and neither one of you really need help doing so.

 What's funny to me after reading over hundreds of online profiles for these personal website companies , I have found that many men or women express their negative views of the opposite sex right there in black in white on their dating profiles, for the rest of the world to see.(Like that will help them get the man or woman of their dreams) Some women and even some men would put information on their profiles, expressing that they don't want to go through the same thing that they have been through with their ex spouses. My question to the men or women that are writing their own profiles , don't you think the man or woman you are interested in feels the same way? After all that is why there are single websites, so that one could weed out the bad in order to get to the good. Yes, there are bad men or women out there and maybe you have had your share of problems, troubles or issues. No one that seeking a new relationship wants to be hurt again or repeat the mistakes of their past. My opinion is this, starting over should always be done in a positive manner and one should always leave their past behind. Acting, writing or thinking negatively, will not help anyone when starting over and besides that the simple truth is no one cares about what happen in a person past. Life will go on with or without the person or persons that are harboring negative thoughts or bad feelings. My advice to anyone who is ready to start their life all over again or those that are seeking to find a new love. Leave the worst of you behind, then start a new one with hope, dreams or with the desire to find something good or new. As my late grandmother would always say," Life Will Go On" with or with out you, why not live the rest of yours positively. Write in then express your thoughts or feeling on the subject.


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