There Is More To Me Than Being Me

Sometimes in life we get just what we have asked, wished or prayed for and the man or woman of our dreams finally arrives. He or she is very romantic, respectful, kind, considerate, fun, speaks well, has a great sense of humor and cares for all of our needs. They are not only lady like or a gentleman, but they are also very good behind close door or in the bedroom. In fact they are so good, that they even enjoy most of the things that you enjoy also and you both happen to have a lot in common. If you are a man, she enjoys sports, fishing , hunting, cooks you meals just like Mom would make, sometimes washes your clothes, has beautiful eyes, legs and teeth to match. A freak in the between sheets or behind closed doors, while being very respectful or lady like in public and don't mind it if you hang out with the fellas or the boys on the weekends. If you are a woman, he open doors, calls or text you just because, sends you flowers on every occasion, smells good, dresses to impress, very generous, drug free, very confident, church going, makes love like a porn star and when you need some help or need to be rescued he is always there when you need him. Sounds too good to be true right? I know but it can happen and there are many single men or women out there just like what I wrote about today.

If you meet one or happen to have one just like I described in the first paragraph, don't be in a rush to move them in , marry them or even introduce them to your friends or family. Why you may ask? because there is more to you, than being you or in other words There Is More To Me, Than Being Me. Yes, they may fit perfectly with you right now, but do they also fit that way with the other side of you? After all you may have children or grandchildren, you may have friends and also may have a very dysfunctional family. Can  he or she live with or accept the fact that you come with a package or may have some issues or troubles? What about your career, dreams, goals or desires will they be okay with it or support you while you pursue them? What if you are religious, have very deep political beliefs or ambitions will they be there by your side, against you or there to support you? Would they feel comfortable or be able to get along with your children, family or dysfunctional friends? These are just some of the questions that you may ask of yourself and even of the man or woman that you are interested in. The fact is we all come with some type of package, hidden secretes and most of us have plenty of issues. Before we can believe that someone is good or right for us, we should first figure out how we fit  into each others our lives. Remember while they are all into you or you all in to them, never forget that there is always more. After all its more to them then, just being a good man or woman and after all no one is perfect. There is more to to you, than you being you or There Is More To Me, Than Being Me. Write in then express your thought or views on the subject.


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