A Bad Apple

One of the things that I really miss about being a child, was whenever I was having a bad day or when things weren't going quite right in my life, my parents were always there to encourage me or lift up me up when I really needed it. They were the people in my life that always kept me motivated and they always wanted me to look at life from the brighter side. Now as an adult, all I can do is pray and hope for the best. That's why I encourage anyone that is reading this to enjoy, then love their parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles while they are here or alive. Because once they are gone, then that good or valuable knowledge is gone away with them. As a child my Father would lift me up by saying ," Son it comes a time in every man or woman's life where they have get up off the floor then dust themselves off". After all he went on to say, even the best of us fail, so get up and take it like a man, because life isn't always fair or easy. My Mother on the other hand would say, "One should never allow ones past to wreak their future". Then she would say, "The character of every man or woman is their ability to move on". If you can't or refuse to do so she would say, then the world will simply go on without you.

After listening to my Father and Mother's advice as a child, it still amazes me as an adult, that so many of us grown folks, still hold on to our past or refuse to move on. Many of them have terrible attitudes, flawed ways, negative thoughts or actions are the main reason why many of them, are still single today. So many of them as my late Grandmother, would put it, allow a few bad apples or relationships ruin their lives. When I became an adult, I began to understand what my Father, Mother and my late Grandmother was trying to tell me. They would say move forward or move on and don't allow a few bad experiences or relationships keep me from being happy. It didn't or shouldn't matter if I lost a job, home or car, because if I applied myself, I could always buy, find or get another one. The same thing applies to a relationship or even marriage. Just because it didn't workout in those situations doesn't mean I should give up and it didn't mean that finding someone good or new to love is out of reach. That is why I am advising anyone who reads this today, not to let a couple of bad apples or bad relationships ruin their futures. Instead move on or forward hoping for a better or brighter day. If you been cheated on, hurt, lied to, deceived or if it just didn't work out, just look at it this way, you just picked the wrong man or woman. There are a lot of good men or women out there, you just have to go through a few bad ones, in order to find a good one. Always remember this, a handsome or pretty face will get older or wrinkle, a beautiful or well built body will change, but a good man or woman with a good heart will always remain the same forever. Don't allow a few bad men, women or  bad experiences keep or scare you from finding your soul mate or true love. After all they were only a Bad Apple, that shouldn't be allowed to spoil the bunch. Write in the express your thoughts or feelings on the subject.
Have a great holiday,

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