A New Year A New And Improved You!

What is the best time to start ones life fresh or all over again? The New Year! This is the perfect time of year to get rid of things that are old, aren't good or healthy to ones credit , lifestyle or personal relationships. The question I have been asked over a million times is how? How does one start life all over again and how does one improve, then not make the same crucial mistakes that cripple many of us during our lifetimes? The easy answer to those questions, came from my late grandmother. She would always say the best time to start over or anew again was the beginning of a New Year. This is where she explained, that a person could look back not only at their past mistakes, but also at the good things that they have done or accomplished in the past year. Then she would give me this look that I can't explain and say, Chuck when you know better you should do better! You should never make the same mistake over and over again.This time she would say try harder, think smarter, work less and the next time you fail dust yourself off, then start all over again. After all she would say, this is a New Year, a new and improved you.

As I think about my late grandmothers words, I found that life hasn't really changed much since she has been gone. If you are a single, divorced or married, man or woman, you still have to work hard for everything you get. Nothing in life will ever be free and if you happen to be divorced or single one must always go through the bad in order to find someone good. Complaining, living in the past or worrying about things that you can't control, will get you no where. If you want respect for others or from your peers then it first must be earned and later demanded in order to get it. That's life, when one becomes an adult one must learn how to adapt, adjust and learn how to make their way in this world, in order to make things happen in their favor. A New Year is here, now its time to leave all negative things or thoughts behind and move on into the next year a new even more determine person. Which mean last years experiences should have made you stronger, smarter, wiser and able to handle any situation that may come your way. The bad taste in your mouth from dating, from your previous marriage or relationships should be left in the past or the previous year. After all you have made it to another year with the blessings of God make the most of it. 2018 is here time to enjoy life, love more and to live life to the fullest!Go after your dreams, walk into open doors and never allow fear to ruin your life! Because this is a New Year for A New And Improved You! Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.
Happy New Year!


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