Come On Man!

Its the holidays and if one can't have a good laugh or cheer what's the use of having a holiday anyway? That's why I am posting this blog called Come On Man! What's is this blog about? Well since this blog site is about relationships, I decided to write a blog poking fun at the crazy or funny things we do as men or women. I don't know about you, but to me its always been funny  to me when I see men or women doing something stupid in public. Also if I see a public profile posted on the Internet where the man or woman is on it dressed half naked or with their tongue pieced,with its hanging out their mouths it drives me crazy.Then some would post pictures wearing only a towel or thong and some with their pants hanging off them. My question to the fellas or ladies, what message are you trying to bring across? Are you trying to say that you are sexy, a gangster or thug, but at the same time a gentleman or a lady?Are you trying to say I am a freak, but I want to be in a respectable relationship?Come On Man Or Woman! No man or woman will respect someone with a profile like what I have described and if you dress that way or act that way in public,then you will never get respect. Also fellas or ladies, if you have a problem with your man or woman, please confront them behind close doors and not in public for the whole world to see. Posting your dislikes, problems or troubles on Face Book, Twitter, Instagram or My Space is getting out of hand! It not only embarrasses them, but also yourselves. Have a little respect for yourself, your friends, family and especially your spouse.After all these are the holiday's and a New Year is on the horizon. Bring in the Christmas holiday and the New Year on a positive note, then leave all that drama or negativity in the past.The old saying is they way you start a New Year, is the way you will end it. Come on man or woman, act your age, stop being so mean and then the up coming New Year will be a blessing or a huge success. Come On Man!
Happy New Year!!


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