How To Deal With The In-laws

The holidays is almost here Christmas and the New Year is on the horizon. Its a time to be excited, full of joy and spends lots of time with friends, family or your special love one. For some people the holidays are the most enjoyable part of the year and for others it can be a complete nightmare. Why you may ask? Because like we all  have to this time of the year, deal with the in-laws or family members from our spouses family. What's sad about this situation is that some of members in the opposite family, you happen not to like or care for. You can't stand them, they are impossible to get alone with, crazy as hell and to make matters worse they don't like you either. For those meeting members from their spouses family for the first time, this can be very awkward and can make anyone feel very uncomfortable. The reason for this is because they know that all eyes will be on them and they don't want to embarrass themselves or their spouse during this very brief trip or visit to the spouses family house. In every family there is someone who is always in every-ones business, very nosey and messy or someone that enjoys causing trouble especially during the holidays. When visiting the in laws family, adjusting to those different type of lifestyles can make anyone feel very uncomfortable.

The question is how does one deal with the in-laws during the holiday season or beyond? How does one blend in with the family without making themselves look or seem unsociable? And how does one cope with members from the opposite family without making their spouse nervous? Or how can I make this Christmas or any other holiday day worth while even when I don't like them? My answers to these questions is simple, just be yourself and follow your spouses lead. Let your spouse do most of the talking, allow him or her to introduce you to the family and only answer questions, that won't come back to hunt you or your spouse in the future.

The least they know about what's going on in your house, the better the relationship with them will be with them in the future. Never discuss any problem or situation that you may be having in your own household. Also don't get involved in family mess, problems, troubles or issues, because if you do, not only will you cause problems for yourself, but it can also destroy your relationship or marriage in the future. Before you go to your spouses house both of you should agree on a set time to stay and time leave, so you won't over stay your welcome. Learn as much as you can about your spouses family and enjoy this special holiday with the one you love. For those family members that get on your nerves or the ones that try to make your visit unpleasant, ignore or avoid them much as possible. Remember this, its only a brief amount of time that you have to spend with them and you are only doing it because now you are apart of the family. You can't choose your relatives or in-laws but you can learn how to deal with them. After all its Christmas time, a New Year is on the horizon and this is How To Deal With The In-Laws during the holidays, New Years or beyond. Write in the express your thoughts or views on the subject.
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