Just To Keep You Warm

Winter, you either love it or hate it because its very cold or because the conditions of the roads. What I love about this particular season is lighting my fireplace and looking at all the beautiful Christmas decorations on different houses or trees. If you were one to complain then there is plenty to hate, like driving in it can be hard or difficult especially when there is ice, rain or snow on the roads or highways and one must always be properly dress for the occasion. It's just one of those seasons, that when things go wrong they really go wrong, but if you just look at it like I do then winter can be beautiful or very enjoyable. For myself there is nothing better than the smell of fresh burning firewood, while drinking a nice glass red of wine or eating a nice hot bowl of Louisiana Seafood Gumbo.

 If one had someone special to enjoy it with under the blanket, covers or on the couch then winter becomes extra special. But if one is single or divorced, still searching and has no one to love. Then some good food, a nice glass of wine, scented candles, Christmas music or some warm hot chocolate coco with peppermint sops will help them while the cope with lonely cold winter. For those who are by themselves with no one to love, always remember that sometimes is better to love or find yourself, before you are able to love someone else.

Take to heart its Christmas time the season of joy and the New Year is on the horizon. There is plenty enough time to find that someone special that you may love, that will keep you warm this winter, next year and beyond. Just a few thoughts for the winter, Just To Keep You Warm. Write in then express your thoughts or feelings on the subject.
Have a wonderful Holiday Season,


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