Never Mix Business With Pleasure

If one did their research they would find there are many reasons why some relationships or marriages fail. Infidelity, lies, cheating or lack of trust are some of the main reasons and while these are real good reasons why some fail. There are others that each of us should pay attention to that can destroy any relationship or marriage. This problem can become so lethal that it can not only ruin ones lives, relationship or marriage, but it can also cause problems at the work place and destroy careers. In many cases it can cause one to loose their jobs and in extreme cases be the main reason while some people file divorce. This one particular problem has ruined many friendships, marriages, relationships and also have destroyed some businesses.

What is this problem you may ask? Mixing business with pleasure, in other words when one brings their problems from their work place to home, while others bring their problems from home to work. Then their are some that do a combination of these things by doing both, bringing their problems with them where ever they go.They talk or gossip about their problems or troubles at home, work, with their family members, friends, co -workers or with anyone who would hear or listen to their problems. When these people are around drama or mess always seems to follow them. At times it can become so bad that, when their co-workers, employer's and even  when their spouses see them that they don't want to be near or around them. What's also is very destructive is workplace affairs, where office romance at the workplace can cause a major disruption and can hinder a workers performance on the job.

That is what happens when one mixes business with pleasure. If one doesn't have the common sense or the knowledge to know that what happens at home should remain at there, while acknowledging the same for work, then they could loose both and have nothing at all. My advice to those who don't know how to keep their issues or problems to themselves and don't know how to solve them alone. Never Mix Business With Pleasure and always leave your problems or troubles at the place where it began. If you don't it will not only hurt your job performance and but will also destroy your marriage, friendships or relationship and also do serious damage to your reputation. Business and pleasure almost never work well together. Because personal relationships or business problems has their place, one works well at home, while the other is better solved at the work place. In other words, one should, Never Mix Business With Pleasure! Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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