Nothing In Common But Love

If you ever thought about your past, loves, relationships, marriage and in some cases marriages, then there is one common thought or mistake should come to mind. We all have made some bad choices or exercised some poor judgement when it come to choosing a mate. In most cases it isn't no ones fault but our own, because in each failed marriage or relationship there was an early warning sign that each of us should have paid attention too.The reason why I say this, is because if some of us took our time and really got to know the people that we were getting involved with. Then most of us would never would have made those mistakes in the first place. All it takes is a little time or a small conversation and soon you will find that man or woman you were interested in isn't what you been looking for at all.

 I have heard many men or women say, that they keep on attracting the wrong type of man or woman and they don't know what to do to attract a good one. My answer to those people simply change your ways and go after something you want, instead of expecting it to come to you. Date or marry, men or women that are on your level or one that may one day meet your standards. If you don't, then like my late grandmother would say, You live then you learn or as my Pastor would say a wise man changes but a fool remains the same. What a lot of us don't realize is that its the small or simple things that keep us apart. If we paid attention to where a person came from then maybe in time we will find out where they are going or if they are going in the same direction. The question is how did each of us get ourselves in this mess? Was it their pretty smiles, beautiful bodies, the great sex or did you think that they were the one? If you answer was yes to this last question, then you will find that you had, Nothing In Common But Love. Write in then express your thoughts or view on the subject.

A soul of a man or woman is not in their height, race, size, weight or even their appearance. True beauty or goodness always comes from inside. The heart or mind in time will reveal all, the good or the bad.That's why every man or woman should always love a persons mind, before they love their body.


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