As Your Friend

The great thing about having friends is that you can discus things openly, speak your mind, without fear of hurting someone's feelings. Friends can talk about just about anything, including their marriages or relationships, then some friends take it to the extreme, get all up in your business and talk about theirs or your sex life. On the other hand while one is in a relationship or marriage, one has to watch what they say or do just to keep peace with man or woman they happen to love. As you know sometimes the people we love get their feelings hurt, very easy when we say or do certain things that they don't like or approve of. That's why I advise any man or woman to always get involved with one who can become their friend first, before becoming serious or lovers. If you happen to be dating, in a relationship or married and if your man or woman is jealous or the insecure type, then you really could have a problem. Men or women with those type of personalities, can really make life very difficult. The reason for this is because many have self esteem issues or problems, while others haven't quite gotten over their past relationships. That is why I enjoy writing blogs, because I can express myself openly, without the fear of hurting others. If I happen to hurt your feelings by something that I have said or wrote, then I am truly sorry! I am only expressing my true feelings or thoughts from the heart or As Your Friend. These days being honest or truthful can be underestimated, that's why in each of my writings I try to be as truthful as possible. That way you and I can always remain friends forever.

 I consider those who my read my blogs as my friends and as we start the spring together, I would like to leave a few words of wisdom to my female readers. Never base your relationship on money or sex alone and food is not the key to a mans heart. Most men enjoy sex just as much as females do and in fact some of us enjoy it more than others.What most men admire or want the most from their future friend, lover, girlfriend,woman, queen or wife to be, is someone they can truly trust and love. In a man eyes there is nothing more special to him, then a woman being there right when he needs her or a woman that sees more in him, than he sees in his self. Which means if you can add something to or improve your mans life then he is yours forever. Ladies if you can keep your man smiling and happy at the same time he will always be there or yours forever. Don't run your man away doing or saying crazy, silly things, because most men loath women that are jealous or those who happen to have confidence issues, women who are insecure and all men hate being compared to the other men in you may have happen to be with in your past. As your friend for the New Year, always remember you have one life to live and you might as well live it to the fullest. Positive thoughts always result into positive results. This is just some free advice, As Your Friend, for the spring and the rest of the New Year. Peace! Write in then express your thoughts or feelings on the subject.


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