Brown Sugar

If you happen to be reading this, let me ask you a question what does the word LOVE mean to you? The reason why I ask this question is because these days that word comes in limited quantities, that are rare or very hard to find. Which means many people use the word LOVE, but none really know the true meaning of it. This brings be back to the good old days when I would watch my late grandmother bake cakes, then cookies, cook some seafood gumbo and my favorite home made ice cream on Sundays.There she would mix in her bowl, flower, eggs, milk , then she would reached in her cabinet  for something that look like brown sand. I looked up then said granny what is that? Then she smiled and said baby, that's Brown Sugar something that is just as sweet as you. I really miss those days, because as a child I didn't have a worry in the world and I especially enjoyed licking the left overs from the mixing bowl of my late grandmothers. I know to some that may sound gross or nasty, but to my brothers, sisters and I it was a special treat. No body could cook like my late grandmother and when she cooked people sometimes traveled miles just to get a taste of her cooking.

Then I asked my grandmother why did she use brown sugar instead of white sugar? Then she said with a smile, because even though the white sugar is good, brown sugar has an unique flavor and for you my sweet grandson nothing but the best. For ordinary folks I would use white sugar, but for my family or the people I love, I only use only the best ingredients! As I think about my grandmothers cooking, I began to realise that she really enjoyed baking and cooking for people even strangers. But she really loved doing those things for us her favorite people, her grandchildren, daughter(my mother) and son in law. She always did her best or put a little extra in everything she done for us and for that I will never forget. Sundays at my late grandmother , I really missed those days because all of my family from my mothers side, fathers side and a few relatives, would show up, gather there to spend time having fun, then enjoying each other's company. That's what's missing today family's from miles around coming together for a good or positive cause, loving each, other instead of fighting against each other.

 One thing that I always take from our moments together were those words of wisdom she would pass on to me and her unconditional love. She told me that one day I would find someone special enough to pour my heart or soul into and that also I would have a family of my own to cook for. Then she would say, Baby when you do, then you will treat them just like I treat you my little Brown Sugar, very special and with all the love that I have in my heart. As I think about my late grandmother, late great grandmother and all the special women that are still in my life or those who have has passed away, one thought really comes to mind. They sure don't make them, the way they use to and men or women have really changed a lot since them days. It makes one want to ask whats wrong with being a gentleman or a lady? Also why do grown @#$$@ men or women sometimes mess up a good thing, only to regret, miss or want it later?  My words of wisdom that I leave with you today, may your days be special, may your lives be unique, may your special someone be sweet or as special as the flavor of sweet Brown Sugar!Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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