If humans were like animals or birds they would run, fly or swim to their most desired destinations, letting nothing in this world to get in their way. They would climb to the highest peaks, cross the mighty waters or oceans and fly to any area on Earth to get what their hearts desires. The question is why doesn't man or woman feel the same way about love and where is our animal instinct or faith when it comes to the matters of the heart or love? Why can't we take chances, like animals or do what God other creations do everyday? Why would we allow or let the man or woman we love get away?
 Remember this, time waits on no one and when it comes to a relationship or marriage only two loving souls can keep it together. Sometimes there are no second chances and the opportunity to find then be with your soul-mate or true may only be there for a moment. One can't simply wait on the other, to put it together, keep it going , make it work or  last forever, it will always be two or the both of you. One without the other simply won't due and no relationship or marriage can survive without two willing people, with the will or desire to love each other forever. If a man or woman happens to touch your heart, jog, run, drive or fly to your destination, climb the highest mountain and swim the mighty oceans to get the one you seek. If after reading this you have any doubt in your heart or mind, ask yourself these questions. Is my animal instinct or faith for less than that of an animal, bird or prey? Why can't our dreams or thoughts become realities?Why can't two loving people find each other, connect or reconnect then work things out together and become one? How can a man or woman truly know that you have feelings for them, if you aren't willing to take a chance , risk or brave enough to give it a try? If you were only brave, bold, had enough courage, will or desire, to tell or to walk up to the person that you are interested in and say we could be great or wonderful together. Lets take a chance and try to create magic, something special or amazing together. That could only happen, only IF you both are willing to give it a try. IF  Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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