If you are looking for love or searching for someone to love you back, then there is a bit of advice I would like to share with YOU. Before you can love another person, YOU have to first be able to love yourself. Which means one should first find out what they love about themselves, before finding out what they love about someone else. If YOU happen to be going through a breakup, divorce or separation, take the necessary time or steps to find out about more YOU. Find out what makes YOU happy, keeps YOU motivated and what turns YOU on. The things that make YOU uncomfortable, unhappy or sad, do your best to avoid those things and if possible never allow those things to ever corrupt your life again. After all one has to be happy with themselves, before they can expect to be happy with others.

 If YOU happen to be reading this I encourage YOU to find a way to love yourself and if YOU aren't in love or happy with yourself then YOU need to find out why. One must first understand their own needs, wants or desires before meeting the needs of others. One must also be able to give, then take care of themselves before they can do the same for others. As my mother would put it, there is no one in the world more important than the man or woman in the mirror other than God. If  YOU aren't happy with yourself then its impossible to be happy with someone else. That mean if YOU aren't happy with your friendships, relationships or marriage its quite possible that YOU are the real reason why. Most people don't realize that sometimes they carry their bad feelings, burdens, emotions or experiences with them and in the process it destroys everything they touch. Why? Because an unhappy or unstable person is no good for anyone, anything or any type of relationship. If one really wants to improve their lives, they should never forget its never about anyone else, its all about YOU. Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.
P.S. Love is something you don't find, true love finds YOU.In other words stop trying to find someone to love, instead allow love to find YOU.


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