For Who I Am

If you haven't noticed that most people today don't smile, are down right difficult, hard to get alone with, some are very rude with bad attitudes, won't speak or say hello and many don't have any type of understanding at all. The big reason for this is because most people today are influenced by the ways of the world. Actors, media types, movie, politicians, rappers or reality stars have a big influence not only on our children, but also many of us adults. Instead of becoming leaders many of today's people are followers. No one has a  fashion, style or way of their own, instead they are always trying to be like someone else or something that they are not. That's why everyday men and women buy clothing or other items just to keep up with the Jones. While others get themselves in deep debt, by buying or purchasing expensive cars or houses, just to impress their family or friends.

 As I think about what I just wrote, one thought comes to mind, maybe that's part of the reason why there are so many single people in the world today. Everyone is so busy trying to be like, act or look like someone else or like some movie star and in the process loosing themselves or  their souls in the process. They can't find a man or woman to love them because they don't even know who they are themselves. If people took time to find themselves, them maybe they could learn to love themselves, then others could love them for who they are and not for who they are trying to be. My advice is simple stop trying to be something that you are not, instead think for yourself, then develop a fashion, style or a way of your own. Dare to be different, then become an individual who has developed their own mind or way. Once you have done this one day in the near future, you will be loved for who you are and not for what others may desire or want you to be. For who you are or For Who I Am and not what others may want or expect you to be. Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.

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