Friends First

I was once asked what is the true value of a friendship? After some thought I came up with this, a true friend is one who can be caring, loving, truthful and objective at the same time. A real friend should never be afraid to tell the other friend what is right and always be brave enough to tell their them when they are doing something wrong. That's the true beauty of a friendship, because even when chips are down or the whole world is against you a true friend will never leave your side. Its a known fact that the true test of any real friendship, relationship or marriage is when trouble arrives. If your friend, significant other, husband or wife abandons you, then you know what type of friendship, relationship or marriage you have. If they stay with you through thick or thin for better or worse, then you know that your friend, husband or wife and especially your significant other are truly special people.

 That's why I recommend anyone who is seeking someone to love to become Friends First before becoming lovers. The old saying is, sometimes good friends become great lovers, awesome husbands and fantastic wives.Why? Because good friends learn about the others likes, dislikes, wants, needs or desires and some are trusted with the deepest secrets of their good friends. Who better to have as a lover, husband or wife, than someone who truly knows your deepest thoughts, other than your good friend? As my late grandmother would say, become Friends First. If they turn out to be what you are looking for, then you may have found yourself a husband or wife. If not, at least you know you will always have a good friend for life. Friends First! Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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