Love Or Hate The Game

Not long ago, a reader wrote me a letter seeking my advice about a man she secretly fell in love with. To further explain, she was once married for 5 years, now recently divorced and sort of reluctant to start all over again. To complicate things worse she was still going through a custody battle with her ex husband for the children. In her letter she expressed to me that she didn't want to get into another relationship. After how horrible her ex husband treated while they were married she didn't have it in her heart to love again. But something very special, unique and unexpected happened very shortly after she was divorced. She met a man online, that was very attractive and someone very soon after that, she couldn't stop thinking about. After a couple of dates, conversations over the phone and brief meetings she thinks that, she may have fell in love. Her questions that she had for me was did I think it was too soon or was this really love that she was feeling?Then she asked me was he the right guy or man for her?Then she said, Chuck I love meeting people for the first time, but I sometimes hate the game that comes with dating. I am so afraid of starting over again and I don't want my heart to be broken all over again.

I promised my reader that I wouldn't give details about her new man or herself in my blog. But after reading her letter, I determined for myself that he was indeed a good man. But I couldn't be sure if he was truly the right man for her, because only she could really know that for sure.This is how I answered her, sometime we have to pay attention to our hearts or to the voices in our heads and avoid the negative comment, thoughts or views of others. My mother used to always say, Follow your mind and allow your heart to lead the way. That means without, doubts, fear's and always without the normal baggage that most of us carry with us in our futures. Always remember a closed door, mind or heart can't receive or be loved.

 If you happen to be reading this always remember, the way you start anything in life, is the way it will end in the future. Always start off anything new in a positive manner and leave the negative attitudes or thoughts behind. Positive thoughts always produce positive results! One should never allow their past, to influence their future or future relationships. Remember this relationships aren't jobs, something you quit or get fired from and after any bad relationship a person should  always take time to heal. The biggest mistake that most men or women make while dating or when meeting someone new, is that many still hold on to their past negative experiences.What they don't realise is that the person or persons they are meeting for the first time, has nothing to do with those who hurt them or did them wrong in their past. My message to the men or women that are now dating or seeking someone new enjoy yourself while dating and have fun! If the person you meet for the very first time is not your type of man or woman, don't take it to heart or personal. Because no one is perfect, your type or match. Just because they didn't click, connect or vibe with you, doesn't mean they won't with others. Every man or woman has someone out there especially made for them. If by some chance a man or woman tries to play games with your emotion, heart or mind then leave them where they are standing! After all time is valuable, why waste it on someone who isn't worth it? Only then should you remember those bad experiences.Why? Because, game recognizes game, but true love will always remain the same. Love Or Hate The Dating Game. Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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