No Strings

If you happen to be single, dating, in a relationship or married then you already know, that being in either one of those mention can be very complicated. What's surprising to me is now these days people are complicating their lives even more with alternative relationships or lifestyles. What are these alternative relationships you may ask? Open relationships or marriages, having a man or woman on the side, having a affair with someone married or with someone who is already in a relationship, sex buddy, swinger, office romance, friends with benefits and the ones people call these days,N.S.A or No Strings. In order to be in any of these relationships, one must agree that each are free to date or see other people, engage in sexual activities and do whatever they want without the other getting hooked, falling in love, getting mad, envious or jealous. Some have been so bold that they would add rules or set certain boundaries in order not to get the other hurt, while others are so bold that they would invite another male or female into their bedroom. That way it won't cause confusion or it may keep them from getting caught by their main man, woman or spouse. These boundaries or rules can be as simple as when seen in public to look the other way, while one is with their spouse or significant other. Others boundaries or rules no phones calls or text messages at a certain time of the day or night. While others have certain meeting spots, such as bars, a parked car at a park or mall, a friends house, hotel or motel rooms, so that they won't be caught in public. Some men or women have been known to pack an extra bag of clothing, tooth brush, soap, deodorant and some even have a spare cell phone. While some get redressed in their cars, at gas stations, their friends house, room or hotel and some have been so bold to get redressed at their place of employment. All of this effort just to keep their open relationships or No Strings attached affairs concealed, a secrete or going. Then there are those who really take it to the extreme, by having their affairs inside their own homes, then use the credit cards, cars, clothing and spouses hard earned cash or money to finance their elicit affairs.

My honest opinion is that when one person tries to see or please more than one person at a time, it further complicates their own lives even more. After all it takes a very huge effort to keep these type relationships concealed or secrete and who would want added stress of keeping more than one, two, three or even more happy, when just pleasing one is very difficult task within itself? My advice to these people is simple, don't get into anything that may complicate your life or others. If you aren't ready for a real relationship or marriage don't get into one. After all if you are in an open relationship, happen to be a swinger or have an open marriage, you are only contradicting yourself and your relationship status. If you are not convinced then allow me to make you aware of certain facts. A couple, relationship or marriage has one big thing in common, all require two loving people to be fully committed to each other. When one claims another as their boy, girl, man, woman, husband or wife they are saying one thing very clearly, out of all the people in the world I choose you to give my love, my body or my heart to. If one is happens to be in open relationship, marriage or a No Strings affair do yourself or your spouse a favor, stop playing games with their heart and just stay single or simply get a divorce!What most people fail to realize that these type of affairs are eventually revealed and all of them do come to an end. Know this in time there will be serious consequence's from your, No Strings affairs! Write in then express your thoughts or view's on the subject.


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