If you happen to be reading this, I encourage you to go or get up then walk to the nearest mirror. Once you are there take a hard look at the person staring back at you and think about all that you have been through or accomplished just to make it to this moment. Life as you know by now, isn't or hasn't always been easy, from your early years as a child learning how to walk ,then talk and then graduating from elementary, middle, high school or college. Then later learning how to fend or survive for yourself as an adult, life itself has presented you with many challenges and to this point you have made it through or survived them all. How or why you may ask? That is why I asked you to look into the mirror and to take a hard look at yourself. Believe it or not, you are a lot stronger than you think are. In fact you are a survivor able to over come any obstacle or anything the world may throw or have thrown in your way. What ever you are today is because of you and its no ones fault but your own if you hadn't made it or accomplished your dreams. If you aren't where you want to be, on any level of your life then its up to you to change it and its not too late. Because we all have made lots of mistakes or sins and because we have made them, all of us can learn a lot from our past. Take this in mind no one is perfect, but everyone has a chance to change their lives for the better and its never to late to start.

 Now look into the mirror and  then say out loud," I will do whatever it is necessary to make changes in my life, that will make me happy or help accomplish my dreams". Then say if I want it, I can have it and there is nothing on this green Earth that can stand in my way! If you want things to change in your personal life, then grab your children, boyfriend, girlfriend, family members or spouse hands, then bring them to that very same mirror and say we will changes to our lives or our situations together. And if you don't yet have that special man or woman always leave your doors open so that happiness can walk right in them. Our lives are only Reflections of our past, current deeds or actions and only we can make it right or change it for the better. If one is not smart or haven't learned from their own mistakes,then they may do something wrong, dumb or stupid and then keep repeating those same mistakes that will make their lives worse forever." Life lessons are only reflections or actions of our past, present and future ways.  Never forget that, life is only a reflection of ones actions, thoughts or ways".Our lives are only Reflections. Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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