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Hello you the person that's reading this blog, if you don't have an open mind or if you are the type to get their feelings hurt very easily please stop reading this blog right now! If you happen to view yourself as the baby of the family, prince or princess then you have already read too much or gone to far and you aren't mature enough to read the next paragraph or sentence in this blog. Stop right now and click on the music video above this blog or shop on the links provided at each side of the page.This blog is only for those who are mature or for those that are willing to learn a few things that may improve their lives, love life, marriage or relationships. As my mother would say , today's subject is only for the Grown Folks. As we all know, some people never learn , haven't grown up yet, don't act their age, aren't very responsible and haven't yet realized that age is more than a number. In fact its an responsibility , yes its does matter if you are a certain age, which means grown folk should act their age and its a time in every man or woman's life when childish games or ways should be left to the children. Quote for the day, "Life never stops, it always keeps going and there are always an opportunity for new beginnings".

I have discovered that most relationships or marriages get off to bad starts, because most people tend to expect to much from their date, spouse or mate way to early in the relationship or marriage. Simply put most people lack patience or they haven't yet realized that the person they are now seeing or married to had a life before them. What I have learned that, it wouldn't be wise for anyone to expect someone to change their life or ways just to accommodate the person they are now seeing. No one should put their children, family, job or careers on hold just because they are now seeing someone new. As exciting as it may be, to finally meet someone who could possibly be the man or woman of your dreams, one should never rush anything, including sex. Even though communication is one of the main keys or ingredient to all relationships or marriages it can be over done. No one should text or call their significant other more than once while they getting ready for work or school and unless its on a lunch break or an emergency. If your significant other doesn't answer your calls or text it could be for a very good reason.(After all if you call or text to much that can become annoying or get on someones nerve.) Never assume or think anything before any decision is made or explained. My advice is simple one must find out facts first, before acting on pure, thought, impulse or emotions. A lot a relationships or marriages fail just because of misunderstanding's or lack of communication.

For some strange reason people today really don't understand or haven't yet grasp, that some people really do work for a living. Most haven't yet grasp social media, the Internet, smart phone devices or what they are really meant or used for. That means one should never text or drive! (Smile) Its been my experience that some people think just because you appear online, that you are really online. Smart devices have been known  to keep a person logged on for weeks or sometimes months, until they have closed the app or sign out of that particular website. I have been written by to many men or women who think that the person they are involved with is always away working or online looking for someone new. Then there are some that feel if a person happens to have a lot male or female friends that they happen to be a whore or player. My thoughts are simple, if you are really that insecure or jealous, then maybe you aren't ready for a real friendship, relationship or marriage. My mother had this very famous saying, If one isn't secure within their own heart, thoughts, mind, manhood or womanhood, then its impossible to be secure with someone else or others. In other words before you get involved in some grown folks situations, learn how to first be an adult. After all silly rabbit, games or tricks are for kids! Love,responsibilities, relationships or marriage is only for adults or Grown Folks. Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.
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