The Hard Truth

Have you ever asked yourself these questions, why am I attracting the wrong men or women? Why am I having so much bad luck when it comes to dating, relationships, love, romance or marriage?Where are the quality men or women that are single, with no problems or issues? Why can't I find someone who has their act together or someone that can be faithful? Why does everyone I meet lie or play games and why can't men or women be truthful or upfront about their situations? Are there really any good men or women left or are all of them married, taken, in jail, in prison or have past away? If you have asked yourself any of these questions, don't worry millions of people worldwide have or will ask themselves, these same questions everyday. In fact according to worldwide data that was released as recently poll today, suggest that there are more single or divorced people than married people worldwide. Because of these alarming facts the Internet dating business has increased over 150% . Surprising enough even the rich or wealthy now solicit help for finding a mate.

The questions that should have been asked, with so many available single men or women why aren't they connecting? Is it because most singles are too picky or simply looking for something that doesn't exist like, perfection? Is it because many single or divorced people have so many bad habits or attitudes that no one will put up with them despite their appearance or income status? Or is it that most people are afraid to love again, because they fear being hurt all over again? Those curious about my second to last question, I have this to say yes there are a lot of single good looking men and women with good incomes that are still single. Why you may ask? Because its their arrogance, bad attitudes, controlling ways, games and their insecurities that keep them that way. Also some men or women never grow up and a lot of them are always looking for someone to take care of them. But The Hard Truth is that many men or woman already have very good spouses in their lives, but are to selfish or ungrateful to realize it.

Like my late grandmother would say a mature man or woman or someone who has their act time doesn't have time to raise a grown adult. Face The Hard Truth! Grow up, forgive yourself and then your ex- spouse then change your evil or selfish ways. Leave your past behind, stop crying or worrying, never look back and always move forward. If you start anything in life negatively it will always end that way. No one cares about your past, your new interest or love had nothing to do with what happen to you in your past anyway. The real reason why you are still single today, is because you haven't yet over come your past, fear of being hurt or your insecurities. If you happen to say that you have none of these, then you haven't quite face The Hard Truth and you haven't yet addressed the real issues that hamper your life today. This time start your life off fresh or new and never forget that foreplay, passion, romance is the only fuel that will keep your new love or interest burning strong. It's also a fact that if you don't start taking charge of your life  right now, chances are you will be in the same position in the near future. The Hard Truth! Write in the express your thoughts or feelings on the subject.


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