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One of the hardest job hands down from my own experience is raising a child. That's why after some thought then raising one child of my own, I now have a great admiration for my father and mother. After all they successfully educated, clothed, fed and raise six children of their own. None of us ever been to jail or prison and all of us are very capable of taking care of ourselves.These days, raising one child can be very difficult, try raising, two, three, four or even more and you might just loose your mind in the process. Feeding them is almost impossible, clothing them might break you and dealing with their personalities is enough to drive any sane parent crazy. It makes one ask why doesn't raising children come with a guide or manual, just like a automobile, computer, flat screen television or cell phone would? Why isn't there a Parents Guide?

The fact is there is no easy or perfect way to raise a child and that is why I came up with a few simple steps to help any parent seeking advice when it comes to raising a child. These steps have been tried, tested and have worked, not only for myself, but also for my parents and their parents before them. That's right over 200 years of  proven parental advice, right here on this blog for free. Why would I give this proven advice for free and not try to make money on this advice? Because I was once told by one of my very wise parents, "That sometimes, it takes a village to raise a child". Which means when the world has better parents who raise their children right or well, then the world would be a better place.Imagine a world where almost every child had manners, respected their elders, then become productive adults, even those who were raised by single parents! I encourage any parent to add this to their already vast knowledge using the Parent Guide.

(1) Teach your child to respect you and their elders. Always be parents first before becoming their friends. Never forget even when your children become teenagers or adults that you are sill their parent. If your child doesn't respect you as a parent or as a person chances are they won't respect others in the future. My mother and father demanded respect, they never wavered in their approach when it came to discipline. As a child or adult I never lost respect for them and in turn I never disrespected my elders ever. As my father or mother would often remind or tell me," One day son, you yourself will become old and have children of your own. Disrespecting us, they would say is just like disrespecting yourself.

(2) Remember they are still children! Nothing burns me up more when I see a parent cursing out or calling their children names. Just because their child or children have made a mistake doesn't give the parent the right to disrespect them. Parents should never forget that they too were once children and just like them now all parents have made mistakes.Simply put if a parent really thinks back, they would realize that some of the mistakes their children are making, are the same ones they themselves have made in their past. My mother would always say to me as a child, remember your mistakes today for your child or children will make them tomorrow. In other words if your child or children makes mistakes, its alright to discipline them, but at the same time one should, never forget that they are only a child, learning how to become an adult.

(3) Teach them the value of life and money. Many children grow up in the world without a clue and don't understand the meaning of life or the cost of living. Reasons for this is simple, parents spoil their children, keep them sheltered from the world and give them everything without them learning a thing. This is not a good thing, because when these children become an adult, they lack the needed skills or know how when it comes to taking care of themselves. As my father would say life isn't easy, nothing is free and things cost. That is what all parents should teach their children! Every parent should show their child or children, the bills, take them to the grocery store or mall and  explain to them how much things cost. Make them earn an allowance by doing chores at home or let them get a summer job, then show them how to manage their money. That way when they venture out into the world they would be properly prepared to take care of themselves and won't become dependent on their parents.
(4) Never curse or disrespect your children especially in public!Even though I was raised by very strick parents, they never raise their voices while we were  public. If I did something wrong they would let me know in their own way that I would be punished as soon as I got home. My parents were very careful not embarrass themselves or their children while in public. But once we got home behind closed doors, I knew without a doubt, that I would be punished once I got home
These are four simple steps that all parents should add to their methods when it comes to raising a child. Parents Guide! Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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