Stupid !

Have you ever done something crazy, dumb, wrong or stupid? Have you allowed your hormones or your fear of being lonely get you in certain situations that you may regret? Have you felt these feelings after meeting some strange man or woman at a bar after some drinks, after a party or even worse over the Internet? If you have don't you feel dumb or stupid?What's so sad about these particular situations is that our own natural instincts,our rearing or spiritual beliefs warn us before we get ourselves in them. Many of us know well before the act begins that its wrong or not the right thing to do.Some of us already know that there will be consequences, by engaging in these meaninglessly acts.What's crazy is that most people keep on repeating them over and over again with people that they know without a doubt that aren't good for them.That's why some men and women get involved with married people or those who happen to be in relationships.

The question that should be asked is why do we keep getting ourselves in these situations? Is it because of those lonely raining nights, is it because its been a minute or while since one has made love?We could blame it on the alcohol,but if we were really truthful with ourselves, then we would admit that isn't true. In reality we all need that special touch of a man or woman. That's right even though they make you feel good a pillow or toy simply won't do. Whatever the case maybe, the truth is sometimes desire or lust takes over. That's why I am advising anyone who may to be reading this to really think before they act. My advice is simple but hard to follow which means, don't allow your loneliness, influence of drugs, alcohol or your perceived need for sex make you do something that you may later regret. In other words don't be stupid! Because if you do, behind every act drama, pain and confusion will be added to your life. Take control of your life and never be stupid again. Write in, then express your thoughts or feelings on the subject.


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