Why Is It So Hard To Give Up Being Single?

I was once told by a very wise person (who happens to be my mother) the older a person becomes, the more knowledge they should acquire.Which means, if one goes through life experiencing the good or the bad they should come out of it a better person. When one experiences hard times no matter how bad it is, they should always come out of it both stronger or wiser.When someone has their heart broken, if they happen to have been lied to,cheated on or abused then they should do what a lot of us are afraid to admit, which is to cry. Its not shameful to cry away ones  hurts or worries, its shameful when they keep on crying, talking about or reliving those distasteful moments in their lives over and over again. What everyone must do after a breakup or divorce is to put those painful memories behind them and keep on living. After all life is short and as an adult all men or women should realize that its a fact of life that many of us will have our heart broken more than once in our lifetimes. Its the price each of us unfortunately will pay while seeking someone new to love or marry. Life after all is about taking chances or risk, without them there is no way a person can be happy or successful.

Which brings me to the question of the month, Why is it so hard to give up being single, from being a bachelor or bachelorette? Its a known fact that worldwide there are more single people in the world than there are people that are in committed relationships or marriage.If one did a poll, they would find that many man or women from all age groups would rather be single for the rest of their lives, then to engage in another committed relationship or marriage. Why is it so hard to give up being single? Maybe because most single people were once in committed relationships or have been married (some more than others) and are afraid of being hurt or of giving up those freedoms that many of them enjoy today. None of these people want to risk having their hearts broken, being used or abused and none want to face the day that they may have to start all over again. After all its hard to over come those hurts or pains and many single people today have accepted (at least in their hearts or minds) that they will be single or by themselves for the rest of their lifetimes.

That's why I am advising everyone today, not to fall into that trap and not to allow themselves to be without someone too love for the rest of their lifetime.Yes, its risky and you will be taking a chance but there is nothing on," Gods green Earth more precious than love". For those that are unsure or afraid to take that chance, ask yourself this question, why take the risk of being lonely or unloved? True love is out their for every man or woman from all walks of life and age groups. All one has to do is open their eyes, think outside of the box and realise that the one that may love them doesn't come is a size, weight, race, type or color.After all no ones perfect,what most people fail to realize, is that there is something within each of us that possess love that can't be seen or admired which is our heart.When you find a man or woman with a good  loving, kind, heart, you will find true love.Why is it so hard to give up being single? Because maybe you have, accepted  it as fact or made it apart of your lifestyle.One should never allow ones past to hold them hostage or allow it to wreak their future. Write in then express your thoughts or view's on the subject.


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