Lame #@##@@ Pickup Lines

Every now and then I like to add a little humor to my blog. After all whats the use of living if, one can't enjoy life, laugh or have a little fun. For those who don't know me, I have been known to act a fool and tell a joke or two. For this blog I would like to poke at the fellas and yes at the ladies for telling those fake #@##@@ pick up lines. I know there would be some women who feel that women don't use or have to use pick up lines. For those who may feel this way, let me remind you we do live in 2014, where many women do go after and then pursue men. For those who may have old fashion view's, allow me to open your eyes and lay on you a few facts. Men in every race out number women worldwide 10-1 and on top of that alternative lifestyles, prison and other factors have shrunk the single man pool drastically.That is why Internet dating is at an all time high, because men and women everywhere are searching for their potential mates. Being that most people use the net or smart phone to get a date, their social skills  have suffered. That's where the lame #@##@@ pickup lines come in to play. Today or tonight I will reveal the most crazy, sorry of excuse pickup lines that some men or women use every day.

(1) Have I seen you somewhere before? Or do I know you?
(2) You look awfully familiar!Did we go to school or have we work together somewhere ?
(3) Didn't it hurt when you fell from Heaven?
(4) I don't or normally do this for any man or woman, but you're special or unique.
(5) You are so beautiful or handsome, you must or should be a model or movie star.
(6) I never met a man or women quite like you.
(7) There is just something about you that makes me know that you are the one.
(8) Man or Woman I know that you are going to be my husband or wife.
(9) The first time that I saw your handsome or pretty face, I knew that you were the one.
(10) We are meant to be.
(11) You were created just for me.
(12) You are different from the men or women in my town or city.
(13) That's why I date outside my race, because all the men or women in my race are evil, no good, lazy,criminals, momma boys, spoiled women, that want someone to take care of them. Most of them are gold digger, in jail or gay.
(14) Its something special about your smile or eyes.
(15) You have nice hands, feet, teeth or pretty eyes.
(16) It must be jam baby, because jelly don't shack like that!
(17) Work it baby!
(18) I am going to mold you into a great man or woman!
(19)I have been waiting on or for you all my life!
(20) We have so much in common!
(21)I am a good man or woman and I know how to take care of my man or woman.
(22) All of my exes want me back.
(23) My parents raised me to be a good man or woman. I know I am a good man or woman.
(24) There are no good men or women out there. I have given up, but I am willing to give you a try.
(25) Baby you are out a dream, you can't be real! I said to myself today I will find my man or woman and here you are.
(26) You remind me of someone!
(27)I know a good man or woman when I see one.
(28) My children or kids like you.
(29) Boy or girl you are so fine, you could be my next baby daddy or momma! I want to have or lets make a baby! What you say, half on a baby?
(30) Isn't your name____?Oh I am sorry I thought I knew you. My name is____ and yours??
(31) If you haven't tried be then you haven't had the best.
(32) I am from the old school and I have old school values.
(33) The key to a man's stomach is good food. Boy do I know how to cook, in and out of the bedroom.
(34) You smell nice what is that cologne or perfume you are wearing?
(35) Hey, don't I know you?
(36) I have a G.E.D, P.H.D, Doctor, Lawyer, drive a Benz, Mercedes, Cadillac, own a fine home and I have a great job paying good money. I am very educated.
(37) Hey baby stick with me, because we can go places.
(38) Ain't nobody like me because I am original. When God made me he broke the mold.

These are just some of the pickup lines that many men or women use everyday. You hear them while you are out and some even have the nerve to text or write them. What's so crazy is that some of these people you just met and they have the nerve to say these crazy pickup lines! The question is when you hear those words from the man or woman that are interested in you, are they for real or are they just simply playing the game just to get what they want? Some men or women have been known to try to sell the people they are interested a dream. Making promises upfront that they know in their hearts, that they can't keep. Instead of being honest or truthful about themselves, they instead use pickup lines. Makes one want to say, if you don get out of my face with those Lame#@##Pickup Lines, I am going to go crazy! Write in then express your thoughts or view's on the subject.
Have a great weekend,


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