Second Time Around

The wonderful thing about making a mistake or doing something wrong is, if you are blessed enough to see another day, then you have another chance at getting it right. Life always gives the living second, third, fourths and many more chances to get their lives in order. The real key to life is learning from ones past, their regrets or mistakes and trying your best not to do it all over again. This also applies to relationships and in those very rare cases marriages. Yes even after a breakup or divorce there has been many known cases, where the people that were  married or in a relationship, decide to get back together again just to give it one more try. Why you may ask? Some people realize after some time that they made a big mistake by letting a good man or woman that they once loved or cared for go and no matter what has changed or happened in their lives, they never forgot about their past love. My question to those who may be thinking about getting back or giving their ex man, woman or spouse another try is, Are you willing to do all the things necessary to keep them happy, satisfied and not do the negative things that kept you both apart? Also are the both of you strong enough to over come the criticism, negative comments or thoughts that will from some family members, friends and  co-workers? Will you be man or woman enough to let go some of your ego, independence or pride then let your significant other be a real part of your life? Are you both willing to forgive or forget about all the hurt and the pain that each of you caused each other? Can you learn to love, then forget about the past and trust each other a Second Time Around? The real question is what would you do or how would you act if you had a chance hold, kiss, make things right, then make sweet love to the man or woman you once loved for a Second Time Around? Would you let them go a Second Time Around or would you hold on to them forever?

What I have found is that most men or women don't miss a good thing or person until its gone. Like my late grandmother would say, You never miss your water, until your well runs dry. Or like my best friend would say sometimes a man or woman isn't good enough for you, until someone else is interested or wants them more than you do yourself. Like an old saying I once heard, some ones trash, is always another persons treasure. In other words what you may not like about your ex boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, someone else will love and treasure more tomorrow. What's even more funny to me, is when a someone has had enough, then decides to move on, is the time the ex comes back e- mailing, texting or calling. It makes one ask, what took them so long or why didn't they appreciate, the love or treat me right when they had me all to themselves? Then you may ask, You  really want another chance or A Second Time Around? My advice to anyone who may be thinking about giving their ex man or woman another try, is that commitment works both ways, it takes two to make a relationship or marriage work and no relationship or marriage can work without the other.

What's the advantage of giving your ex a second chance? Each of you understand the mistakes and problems that caused you two to break up in the first place. Also you both should already know a lot about each other habits, flaws, wants, desires or needs, what makes them mad or angry, what turns them off or on and should be able to pick up right where you both left off when you broke up. After the months or years away from each other hopefully both should be able to communicate with each other better openly. Always remember insecurities and jealousy will destroy any relationship or marriage. Its quite obvious if neither one of you have forgotten about the other, the deep feelings of love are still there. These moments in time created just to define who you both are as a couple, that's why I encourage each person that's interested in giving the ex a try to take advantage of their second chances. If your relationship or marriage is going to survive this time, both will have to learn how to forgive and to forget, then be able to trust each other all over again or for a Second Time Around. The question is can you both make it work, a Second Time Around? For those who still have feelings or not over their exes, do yourself a favor try to contact or get in touch with them. Like my aunt would say at a time like this, Go and get your man or woman back, let nothing stand in your way, then treat them better than you did the last time! Because the Second Time Around is always better than the first time! Write in then express your feelings or thoughts on the subject.
Have a wonderful week,


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