Before You Take Them Home

When you first read the tittle of this blog, what thoughts came to your mind? Come on be truthful and admit what were you really thinking. Are you honest enough to think that I am writing a blog about taking a man or woman home for sex or are you open minded enough to figure that this blog might be going into another direction? If your answer was yes to one question and no to the other question then you are wrong about both, because in a way I am talking about sex. But this blog main focus isn't about sex at all, its about the most important step it is when it comes to dating or relationships. After all these days casual sex is the norm and to some people it isn't really important or a big deal. Some people can meet a man or woman at a bar, online, at a local store one day and have sex with them very soon after they met them. What's funny is when some of these people used to same old tired lines like; I don't normally do this but you are special, unique or you are so hot or sexy that I can't help myself. If you believe those lines I have some oil land right bellow your feet to sell you. I would just simply say admit that you, are really horny and the that person caught you are the right moment(smile).There are some that may take their time to get to know the person they are interested in, because of their morals or they may think as I do that their bodies sacred. Like my best friend would always tell me, if you take someone home you just met for sex, they are just what you want at that time and not what you need. Fear not, because this blog isn't about judging any ones habits or lifestyle its about bringing that special person that you may happen to like or love, to your special place called home.

The question is what is home to you? Is it your apartment, house or is it the place where you were born or raised? If one happens to be a single parent then their apartment or house is a very special place. Being a responsible parent, no one should introduce any ordinary man or woman to their children. Because they should know that anything that they do or say in front of their children will be with them for a lifetime. Why you may ask? Because children are like sponges, they soak up everything around them, most of their bad habits or good ones were learned or taught by their parents. That's why I was always careful while raising my children never to take anyone home that my children wouldn't approve of or that they could learn bad habits from. I wanted them to think that any woman I introduce them to were special and was important enough to me for them to get to know. The same thing applies to ones parents, bringing that person home to meet them is a statement within itself. Its saying Mom, Dad, Brothers, Sisters or my Pastor he or she could be the one! That's why before you take them home, you should really take sometime and get to know them, not in the bedroom but outside of it. Face it there are a lot of crazy or unstable men or women out there and after time you might find out that they aren't your type or even the one. As my late grandmother would put it, if  you only want to be seen with them behind closed doors, then they aren't worthy enough to take around the people you love. One should always find out these things first, Before You Take Them Home. Write in then express your thoughts or opinions on the subject.


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