To Text Or Call

If you happen to be in your late thirties, forties, fifties, sixties and beyond you must admit technology has come a long way. Maybe its the fact that I am getting old, but I can remember when there were black-n-white televisions, eight track tape or cassette recorders, turn tables, Am and Fm radio(oh they still have that) pay phones on every corner and when everyone I knew had a house phone. Its funny but I can remember when children played outside all day, instead of being in front of a television or on their cell phones. But as you should know now especially if you are a parent, that it would take an act of Congress to get your child outside. I also remember when traveling out of town, one had to use a map or stop at a local gas station just to get directions. Back when I was a teen, I remember when beepers were the latest thing and everyone was in a rush to have one. I had three of them, just to make myself look cool or like I had it going on. Today there are lap tops, tablets, cell phones, flat screen televisions and computers are in just about everything we own. When cell phones and computers first came out, no one could imagine that one day, they would be in the hands of almost every adult and child worldwide.The question is has technology made your life better or worse and when you want to say something important, special or meaningful to one of your family members, lover, husband, wife or friend, should you text or call them?

I know this question may be strange to my normal readers, because this blog happen to be about relationships. The fact is technology is very important to our lives, in fact some people can't imagine living their life without it. The world has become so dependant on computers, smart devices and cell phones. Because we use them just about for everything including dating, looking for a spouse and especially for something very important communication. Now back to reason why I asked this question ; one day being nosey I over heard a lady complaining about her husband. She said to her girlfriend that the only time this man talks to me or tells me he loves me is through a e-mail or text! When I try to call him she explains, he rejects the call and text me right back! Girl I can't get this man to talk to me, but he will text me all day if I let him! Then her girlfriend looked at her and said girl I have the same problem. My man won't call me either, unless he wants some! I said to myself, thank God those ladies grew up in this time, because I remember back when I was growing up when communication was a big issue with men. At least now men have a way of expressing themselves through the computer or their cell phones.

Now my nosiness must have paid off because both of the ladies walked over to me and asked me why do men have to text instead of calling? I think both of them wanted a mans perspective and wanted to know why most men enjoy doing this. She wasn't aware that I was a blogger and that I was going to write about this topic in my blog. If you happen to be reading this lets keep this a secrete between us. Nah, its alright go ahead and tell the world!(smile) Then I told her when texting first came out I didn't really like it so much. The woman I was dating at that time text first came out, text ed me over and over again. I hated it! But after time it grew on me, especially after watching everyone around me text, including my own children. Eventually after time I began to get the hang of it. I found that it was a easy way of communication or a way of telling someone something important, while not interfering with my duties at work. Especially if I want to text something in secret, that way my nosey co-workers, friends or relatives won't know what I am talking about or up to. After time it became a habit and now I prefer it. I have found that texting take some thought, while talking is random and most people can say just about anything. I like to text, then receive them because from the text I can really tell how a person is feeling and sorry to say I can also tell how intelligent they are. Because even with the aid of spell check some people have been known to miss spell words. Besides that some men really don't what to say to some of you women, because a lot of you are so mean or expect to much! Ladies at least the men are talking, hell some men don't bathe or take showers. Now I will save that subject for another time! (smile) I know some ladies my feel that texting is impersonal, but I know a lot of men that rather text, than call. To Text Or Call , write in then express your thoughts or feeling on the subject.

Things People Hate About Texting
(1)People who drive while texting. Most people who do this don't seem to care that doing this while driving can cause accidents, its very dangerous and in some cases death. Its really a very dumb or stupid thing to do. Texting while driving you might as well drink and drive. So please stop!
(2) Isn't it strange when you try to spend time with your family or friends, they always seem to have their eyes glued right into their cell phones? Its also really disturbing while out on a date the person you are with is more concern, with what's going on with their cell phones than the person they are out on a date with. It makes one want to say, Hello you, I am trying to get to know you and we are out on a date! Why are you being so rude or disrespectful? And if you love your cell phone so much , why are you out on a date with me?


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