Two Halves

How do you really know if you have found the one? When both involved start making each others life apart of their own. For those who may know understand what I am talking about, let me explain. When you fall in love with someone it isn't enough to love only them, but also the package that comes with them. That means if they happen to have children or you yourself have them, everything that the man or woman  loves, you should in turn love also. When two  loving people truly come together, families from both sides should come together as one. Also if you both have different religious and political beliefs or different ways of thinking those things also have to be incorporated into the marriage or relationship. Sounds simple right? In the majority of cases not and most people don't realize that without, having those basic principles the relationship or marriage won't be on solid ground. In fact the things I wrote about in this paragraph are the silent killers of all relationships and marriages. The reason why they are silent killers is because no one dares to bring them up when breaking up, seeking a divorce or separation. Instead they give other reasons why they no long want to be together.

Its sad to say, but most couples today don't worship together, spend time with the others children or family members and those very rare cases never the mother or father-n-law. It funny but true, I personally know of some couples who wait until the wedding day to introduce their future spouse to their children or family members. What these people don't realize is that within itself is making a statement, its saying I love you behind closed doors, but not in the open. Or it could be simply saying I will share you only with my children or family, but I won't spend time with or get to know yours. Its like saying my world is important, but yours doesn't matter. That type of love is selfish and it also causes resentment, not only with the person that its being done to, but also with that persons family members. Children or family members will feel that their father or mother has neglected them or left them behind, only to love or care for another family. Which brings me back to the question I asked in the beginning, how do you know if you found the one? When both involved start making each others life a priority instead of concentrating on their own. If your man or woman truly loves you, then they will do whatever it takes to make their better half happy. Which means spending time equally with both sides of the family, worshiping at both churches, supporting each others dreams or desires and loving each other children or grandchildren as if they were your own. That way no one would feel unloved or neglected and won't be when Two Halves become one. Write in, then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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